Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Training is in the Bank...

...Let's just hope that I don't have to make a withdrawal larger than the deposit. This weekend was my last big workout before the pre-race taper begins for The North Face 50 Miler. It consisted of a 35 mile run on Saturday and a 10 mile run on Sunday. Because of some heavy rains Thursday, the Erwin park trial was really muddy and unrunnable. Muddy to the point that I would have spent more time getting the mud of the bottom of my shoes than running. So this was a road run and I tried to incorporate some North Texas Hills. Now the let the taper commence.

On a different front, I received some disappointing news this week. Marshall, my brother-in-law, was going to run the half marathon option of the The North Face Endurance Challenge. Because of circumstances beyond his control, he will be out of the country and not able to participate. This has left a bit of apprehension with my wife as I will be doing my first 50 mile ultra solo with no support. Personal, I do not believe this to be an issue as I have met some people via blogs and runner's forum participating in the event. Ultra runners tend to support each other in ways that are not common in road racing.

So there you have it. Three weeks till show time.


Russ, Bren and Lance said...

If you were feeling ill prepared last week, sounds like this training weekend has made it all disappear. Good for you!!

Sorry to hear about your crewing/pacer situation. I could try and see if anyone up here would have interest in crewing. Let me know what you think.

18 more days!


John Shapiro said...

You will do a great job! Hope all goes well.