Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Disney World, First Triathlon, and a Rocket Launch

Ok, I know...I know...been out of pocket...but for good reasons:

Last Wednesday, September 16, we pulled our kids out of school and told them that all their weekend plans have been canceled. They were told to get in the van as we were on our way to the airport to go spend 7 days in Disney World. My wife and I had kept this as a complete surprise and they were totally surprised and stunned.

Seven days is barely enough but oh what fun we had. That place is truly magical. We stayed on Disney property at the Port Orleans Riverside resort. We covered a lot of ground and packed it in completely as we closed the parks down every night and capped it off at
midnight with ice cream sundaes.

Highlights include, but definitely not limited to, eating breakfast in Cinderalla's Castle with all the princesses, eating at Chef Mickey's, seeing Fantasmic show at Disney Hollywoods and riding nearly everything possible. Macy even got on the
Tower of Terror. Luke and I will ride anything and we put Hope on all the rides she was allowed to ride. Ask her and she will tell you that her highlight was riding Dumbo.

I was able to get in two 6 mile runs and even that was difficult after being on your feet for 16 hours a day...but I did what I could.

It was seven days that will never be forgotten. Here are a few of the 1128 pictures taken!

We come back and the next day I am back at work.

Three days at work and on Saturday, Luke had his first triathlon. He owned it and came in 4th in his age 8 group of 34 participants. He came in 32 place out of 115 overall (including the 10 year olds.) It included the following: Swim - 50 meters; Bike - 3 miles, Run - 0.5 miles. Luke's times respectively was
1:48 on the swim, 17:20 on the bike, and 3:36 on the run. His transitions went very well and I don't think he spent more than 30 seconds in both transitions combined. He absolutely loved it and left everything on the course.

On Saturday afternoon, we built a rocket for Cub Scouts and on Sunday we will launch it. This is an absolute blast and some rockets will reach 1500 feet of altitude.

On the training front: On Friday night, I took off for a 20 mile trail run at
Erwin Park. Wrapped it up and got in bed a 3:00 AM and was up by 6:00 to get Luke to the Triathlon. Came back after the Tri and ran another 8 miles. Had planned to get up this Sunday Morning, but physically and mentally my body needed rest. I was still exhausted from the trip and with sleep deprivation on Friday night, I slept in and got rest. For the most part the training is in the bank for Palo Duro. I don't feel ready but it is what it is.
Stay tune as the the Adventures NEVER END here at TEAM ELLIOTT...and OH DO I LOVE THAT!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What A Mess!

This week has been good. Luke's triathlon training is going well. Because of his swim classes, he has taken about 30 seconds off of his 50 meter time. Need to work on transitions though. He has already started thinking about this and asked the other day if he could duck tape his insoles to his feet for the swim. Oh good stuff.

As far as my training, well it started raining here Friday, and now on Sunday...has not stopped. I had no choice. Saturday morning I get out to Northshore Trail at Grapevine Lake and try to get a long run in. I ran just over five and half hours, only 24 miles through sloppy mud, and slick rocks. This trail is really technical to start with, throw in the rain and you have an amusement park of excitement. Only fell once...on a flat part while looking at my Garmin...I was even walking at the time. But I got it done...felt like I ran 30 the end. Got up on Sunday to knock out another 10 miles on the the rain again.

On a whole different front, we had our first Cub Scout Den meeting for the year. After fall recruiting this past Wednesday, we had a few more to bring our total up to 17 eight year old boys. I have some plans to change things up a bit that will allow the den to stay together, but will need a couple of other parents to step up and sign up to volunteer. (BSA regulations recommends 8 boys to a den.) I love it and with the new changes, I think things will get better. Boy Scout Popcorn sales is in full swing and Luke started selling in the neighborhood yesterday while it was raining. He said...and I qoute, "It's hard to turn down a kid when he is standing in the rain." Makes me laugh.

Carry On!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Giving up the Ghost...Well, Nearly

It has been so long since I have posted that I even considered giving up the blog ghost. After second thoughts, I will continue. I feel that most people couldn't care less about mile interval times, long distance training runs or what not. I will keep posting about future endeavors, adventures and what is important to me as a husband, father and endurance guy. So after three weeks...where to begin.

School is back in full swing so things have been hectic. Kids activities, Cub Scout leader planning for the fall, training for Palo Duro 50 miler...Luke is training for his first triathlon and in swim classes, Macy is in Dance and Girl Scouts, Brenda is training for the Palo Duro 20K...and a really big surprise happening in a couple of weeks that I will pontificate on at a later date....all this while I hold down a job. Breath...just Breath.

With this schedule, last Friday I take off at about 10:00 PM for a 30 miler...wrapped it up, cooled down and crawled into bed at about 5:00 AM. At 9:30 AM, I crawled out of bed and asked Luke what he wanted to do for fun. His response, "Go on a trail run for training." OK Then...we're off to North Shore at Grapevine Lake...2.5 miles on the trail, return home and I run another 2.5 miles at Russel Creek Park to make it an even 5 miles. Up at 5:00AM on Sunday to knock out another 8 miles on Erwin Park trails for a total of a 43 mile weekend. Combine all that with track work, spin class, and core work...great week with nearly a month and a half til race time.

On Wednesday, I was feeling as though my youngest daughter was sharing the love with a respiratory thing. Runs were slow and lethargic and on this past Saturday, I met my buddy Lynn Ballard at North Shore to get another long run in. After 11 miles it was apparent that the body was battling because the respiration was labored....really tough. Lynn went ahead and finished off 80 miles for the week with a 20 mile finale in preparation for the Bear 100 take place in about 3 weeks. HE IS READY!... 480 miles for many did you do?

This morning I slept run...I rested...sinus congestion persisted and the morale declined...I need to be training DANG IT! My running buddies, who know me, tell me I am ready right relax. My mind tells me the Palo Duro cutoffs are stringent...and the only easy day was yesterday. With the upcoming schedule...I have 3 good long run weekends planned before the 2 week taper. Marching On!

Want to give a shout out to some of my friends: First to Dmitry...who had a tough time at CCC 100 miler...of course it's his 3rd 100 for the year with one to go. This weekend he was awarded the blue belt in Brazilian Jujitsu.

To Dan Hamilton and Jesse Wilson: Ran with them on the North Texas Trail Runners night run a couple of weeks ago. They ran 40 miles that night, all in preparation for the Wasatch 100 miler next weekend. I have never seen either look this strong...they will need to be for ole Wasatch...just asked Dmitry...he has a tattoo reminding him the fortitude it took to finish that race.

And of course to Lynn Ballard, my friend, who will be attempting to reinstate his Hardrock 100 mile qualifications by completing the Bear 100 miler....most people half his age couldn't carry his shoes for him...tough guy...real tough guy.

I close with some pics of Luke handling the North Shore Trail technical parts with ease and finesse. Great foot work and agility...can not tell you how proud of my kid I am...Carry on my wayward son.