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Day at the Office
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spoonfuls of Suffering...and Lots of It.

Bandera 50K Profile (look at those 1st 3 hills!!!)

Bandera is a week away. It has been over 3 weeks from the Dallas Whiterock Marathon and the sickness that ensued. I am now at about 85%-90% percent. Last Sunday I pounded out a brutal and painful 18 mile run in 33 F weather...hacking, coughing, and blowing snot out my nose. Yesterday I did an easy 9 mile trail run...and today I did an hour of spin followed by a 2 mile run. I have run on several other occasions since the marathon...usually 5 to 6 miles, whatever my ailing body would allow. With all that said, I am not as prepared as I want to be for this race. Upon review of my training log, I have been in a training cycle since last February/March 08. Mentally, I am spent. Physically I feel fine but believe I need back off a bit after Bandera.

After Bandera 50K I am clearing the racing schedule and beginning the off season. I contemplated Rocky Raccoon 50 miler in February but just don't have the desire as I feel I am on the edge of overtraining. My resting heart rate of 55 is higher than normal and feel that this is a sign that I need some recovery, mentally if not anything else.

Despite the above prose, I am excited about Bandera. Joe Prusaitis is the race director. He was the race director of my first trail race know as the Loop, the 2nd of 3 in the Rogue Race Series. In the email sent to the runners for Bandera, Joe let it be known that his priority is for the runners to successfully finish the race safely. He also stated...and I quote, " The course is rugged, rocky, and difficult as it was intended to be. I made this course as difficult as I could, while using the parks trail system." Joe used this course to train for the Hardrock 100 mile race in the Colorado Rockies. I know I was cussing Joe about half way through that first 30K (18.6 mile) trail race...then, when it was over...I thought he was a great guy. Joe puts on first class events and this year's Bandera 25K, 50K, 100K races will be no exceptions.

So where does that leave me? I plan on racing the race as well as I can, listening to my body with the priority of finishing. I would like to race it strong, but lets see what happens. Everyone I have talked to that has raced it says..."Man, Bandera is tough." They usually throw in a few expletives for emphasises. I have posted a few pictures of the course for your viewing enjoyment. (I don't know any of the I pulled these pics from the Bandera race site.)

Postscript: My Brother-in-law will be running the 25K as a training run for the Austin Marathon. Something tells me that the Austin Marathon is going to be easier than what I talked him into doing...the Bandera 25K. ;-)


Derek said...

Good Luck and have a good time. When it is over take some time and relax, 10 months is a long time to have been training so get away for a little while and enjoy life. I'll be waiting for your race report when you are done.

Brenda / Russ / Lance said...

It does seem like you've been in training for almost a year. Maybe if NFC wouldn't have been cancelled. Hang in there, rest is on its way! PS: Better you than me on that Bandera course. LOL!

Marcy said...

Awwwhhh Dave I'm sorry you're not feel 100% but I think you're still gonna kick some A!! No doubt ;-)

Rick Gaston said...

Definitely, take some time off after Bandera. Give yourself a mental break from all the training. You'll feel better and energized afterwards.

So looking at the elevation profile, the highest you get is about 1930 ft. but the lowest you get is just below 1400 ft., what's the problem? Ain't no climb larger than 250 ft. on this course. Alright, alright, I'm just pulling your chain. Looks like a nice rolling course with good technical terrain. Don't let the elevation profile impress you, you're more than enough for the race. Just remember to pace yourself on the hills. Be careful with the rocky technical stuff and have a great time. Enjoy your time off after the race.

Dave said...

Derek, thanks for the encouragement. We'll have to go for a training run together to get you ready for the RR 50 miler

Brenda, You know you should be running this race since it is down the street from where your parents you are in great shape.

Marcy, thanks for the vote of confidence. Keep blogging because it makes me laugh.

Rick,I know, I know it's nothing like the climbs in Northen Cal...but for us Texas guys...those are hills...big hills...:)