Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Trail Running Buddy

For the past three weeks I have been doing an active recovery/sabbatical from a training cycle. I am just about ready to get back into the swing again and have some races picked out for the year. These will follow in due time.

So at the close of these three weeks, I was ready for a moderate distance trail run. I had been communicating with Marshall King, a fellow North Texas Trail Runner on line. He completed the Bandera 100K (62 mile) race in a stellar time. After minimal communication we decided to meet at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano Texas for a good morning trail run. We agreed for a 0500 start time. I woke up at 0438. My Marine training kicked in and I was out the door by 0445. That's right, 7 minutes from the bed to the car. I was only late by 3 minutes.

The time flew by. I have never done a longer run with anyone. We had such a great time that when I was completed I couldn't believe I was out for just under 3 hours. Marshall was going to knock out another 15 miles to wrap up a 30 mile day. I, on the other hand, had a basketball game for Luke to get to and my Macy's 6 year old birthday part to help out with. Marshall and I agreed to run together again on a more frequent basis. O Good times I tell ya!!!!


Missy said...

Impressive time...from bed to car:) Looks like a beautiful run, can't wait to test my legs!

Rick Gaston said...

Running partners make time fly by. I had to bag on a run with Gunderson the other weekend though. That dude likes to ADD time to his long runs. Our first run this year we were out for 6.5 hours, the weekend after we went 7:45, when he told me he wanted to go for 9 the following weekend I told him "have fun!". Guy just likes the really long training runs.

Rick Gaston said...

I'll see him at Rocky this weekend. He's aiming to smoke the course with a really fast time and I think he can do it.

Brenda / Russ / Lance said...

Can't imagine waking up at 4-anything AM. That's for the crickets. :)

Glad to see you're up and running again! Look forward to more posts about the trails.

Marshall said...

Hey, Dave, sorry I missed reading this post but thanks for mentioning me! It's been great to run with you and I look forward to some great training and racing together soon.