Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Monday, June 8, 2009

School's OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a photo intensive post so you won't have to deal with so much prose...yay for me and yay for ya'll. Friday was the beginning of summer. So Saturday morning up early at 0530 to get a 6.5 mile trail run. I had planned to knock out this little run at Arbor Hills in half a heartbeat. It was a struggle.

Luke had a baseball game at 0930 so I came back after my run, took a shower and we were ready to roll. I help coach and the head coach would be absent for the game. Since we play modified coach pitch at this age, yours truly had to deliver the ball to the plate for our batters to hit. Needless to say the Cubs have got to work on some hitting...much like the major league team. Luke plays the catcher position. He has always wanted to play catcher. I have tried to talk him out of it telling him it's hard on the body. I ought to know, I played it through high school. Problem: much like me, he ain't listening to his old dad tried to tell me the same thing...kinda makes me proud.

That afternoon, Luke wanted to go ice there we were...looking like Bambi on ice. We escaped any real harm and went to a much safer location...The LEGO store in the mall. BIG Fun I tell you...don't know who enjoys that more, me or Luke.

Sunday Morning up again for a 0530 trail run at Erwin Park. I was meeting some real gazelles out there, but that doesn't bother me as I plow ahead as need be. I had planned to go 10 to 12 miles. Again, it was a big struggle. I think that last weekend's race was still taking it's toll on my body. I mailed it in at 8 miles and got ready for church. Sunday afternoon consisted of flying a kite with Macy and playing Bocce Ball with Luke. AD/HD Rocks.

Latter this month I am going to take art classes with Macy. She loves the arts and it helps me develop the right side of the brain. Something that being creative in Magic - slight of hand does as well. I have had requests to post some video of me preforming magic and someday I plan on getting to that...Hope you all had a great weekend and upcoming summer. I also hope to get my running mojo back because as of now I have an all night run planned for Friday night.

Yesterday I was reminded of my mortality. I will cover this at a later date. Running helps me relieve the stress and to focus. It helps me be a better husband. It helps me be a better father...and so I RUN ON!

Macy at her end of school dance recital a couple of weeks ago

End of School.....yeeeah Babyeeeeeeeeeee!

Hope and her neighborhood friend...Hope refuse to take her bike helmet off...already preping for her first triathalon.


Brenda said...

LOVE the pics! The kids are so cute and growing up fast.

Can't wait to hear the rest of your story and reminder of mortality. . . Hmmm....

Rick Gaston said...

Dave are you really wearing a trail race shirt to the ice skating rink. Haha, just giving you a hard time. Man I really admire you ultra folk who also spend a lot of time with their kids; Olga, Mark T, Mark S, Donald and others I'm forgetting right now. You got adorable kids and they are lucky to have you. They'll grow up playing outside instead of inside with the TV and video games.

Missy said...

Bring it on Hope! Heck yeah baby, tri all the way;)

All I can think of is Dazed and Confused...schools out for summer... Ah yes, good times for sure. For teachers and students alike.

Shannon said...

Love your pictures!

Last day for me crack me up.

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Dude, what a great post!! I loved every pic! It's just so nice knowing that there are other people out there that share the same ideals as me. Great job on getting the runs squeezed in there too! Peace!