Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just to catch you up….here we go. Winding down summer. Training in full swing for 4 Elliott family members. Bren, the HOT WIFE is having no foot pain and getting some good time on her feet, walking coupled with her spin classes. Working at keeping a good pace on the walk and averages 4 MPH for a couple of hours….really proud of the homegirl.

Luke is worked both on the bike and run. Has completed one Brick in 102 F TEXAS HEAT. Has kept a good pace for 1.5 mile run and loving the training aspect of it . We are signing him up for additional swim classes this week.. Really proud of the kid.

Me…well I am doing back to back long runs on Sat./Sun. One day of hard spin, One speed workout on the track, One temp/hill run and 2 to 3 core/weight workouts a week. Saturday ran 20 miles in that FREAKING TEXAS HEAT…it hurt at mile 1 and only got worse. Ran an 8 mile trail run on Sunday. Palo Duro 50 mi. is still 2 months away…

My brother, Sam Elliott, will be riding in the Hotter N Hell 100 mile Bike race in a couple of weeks. yep, it takes place in Wichita Falls Texas...and is talking about a 250 mile bike race in October....the week before I run Palo Duro...must be something in the genes.

There you go…RUN ON!!!!


Missy said...

Look the whole family is a bunch of FREAKS! Yeah, but think about how boring it would be otherwise. Cheers to freaks!

Donald said...

Come visit Monterey County ... 55 degrees and foggy for my 12-miler yesterday morning!

I wouldn't last a week in your heat.

Shannon said...

Texas is Hot As Hell and to train in it takes some big ol' Texas balls. Your fam is rocking and rolling. Sure wish I could get my twin in one of MY spin classes. If your evah in the area....

Rick Gaston said...

Yeah you should try running here in the summer...brrrr. Although it did get warm at Headlands, it was like 80 and that wasn't even direct sunlight. I hadn't done any heat training after San Diego so I actually, embarrassingly enough, was affected by the heat. Maybe that was a good thing because it saved my legs for the second half.