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Day at the Office
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

R&R and Celebrating

I once again have succumbed to delinquency in posting on this thing. Really are you interested in what has be going on in Team Elliott's lives...well if you are, God Bless Ya.

Two and half weeks ago the Palo Duro 50 miler was completed...and for those past two and half weeks I have run a total of 20 miles. Ok...I went to spin class twice too. I really didn't realize how much was taken out of the body...but I am slowly coming back, being rejuvenated. This past Saturday morning, I was up at about 0630....I had a cup of coffee, I read a bit...and when my kids got up, we hung out. I honestly don't know when was the last Saturday I did that. Now, don't think I totally mailed it in. Later that morning I did run 3 miles and then go to an hour long spin class.

A week and half ago the weekend consisted of going on the Y Princess camp out with my 6 year old daughter, Macy. I didn't have sisters and so sometimes it is a challenge for me to really relate to my girls. I try...and I am getting better. Camping with them helps this. Macy is my contemplative and somewhat shy girl. But in the past few months my wife and I have noticed that she is opening up and becoming much more social. Weekends like this is what I live for. She shines when we talk about the weekend...the marshmallow stickiness left behind on the fingertips after savoring a smore, the giggling with the other girls trying to tell ghost stories, hearing the ping of the BB hitting the can after a careful aimed shot...and even the slight embarrassment after falling of the pier into a frigid lake. There is no disappointment in not catching fish because we are outdoors with friends. Nope, running is not on the forefront. I am celebrating my daughter's achievements.


"Dad are we going to catch anything?"

Toweling off after falling in Lake

This past weekend was the Cactus Rose 50 mile/100 mile Ultramarathon trial race in Bandera Texas. Originally I was suppose to pace Dmitry but those plans had to be amended. He had dropped at the 55 mile marker last year. Oh do I know the feeling of unfinished business left on some godforsaken trail where pain and anguish is not unfamiliar. I woke up in the middle of Saturday night and said a quick prayer for all the runners but for Dmitry in particular. He would be in the lonely darkness where real demons would haunt on that Halloween night. After 31 hours of relentless forward motion, Dmity slayed those demons when Joe Prusaitis handed him his finisher's buckle.

My friend Fred Thompson would be attempting his first 100 mile finish. Some really seasoned ultrarunners described his efforts as heroic and were emotional watching Fred cross the finish line 36 hours and 22 minutes after commencing. His pacer at mile 90 was "scared" because of the poor condition Fred was in at the time. I have yet to discuss with Fred how dark the world got that Halloween night. But I have talked with friends that were there. Fred may only want to embrace those cold dark corners of his mind when time has placed a chasm between that night and a bright Spring morning. Back spasms made forward movement most painful and at times impossible. Ascending up Lucky Hill was more that what the mind and body could ask for. Falling, getting up...and falling again, but never staying down. Fred triumphed greatly. Some even wept at his victory.

Fred early in the day

Mile 85 - The looks on Char's and David's face do not show the deep concern they have at this point.

Barely moving as the Back Spasms take hold...such things happen when your on your feet for 36 hours.

Fred's is DONE!...and being aided by his wife Char.

Fred showing his Finisher's buckle...with his Pacer, Annie who spent 15 hours with Fred....and you thought you wanted to Pace ;-)

Oh I am proud of my accomplishments. I celebrate them. But these last two weeks it has been equally sweet to celebrate the great achievements of others. Hitting the empty can with a BB gun, destroying the demons that haunts the runner of past failures on a lonely Texas trail, or the great triumphs of a first 100 mile attempt that inspires my soul. Life has been grand these last two weeks...and running is looking good again too.


Shannon said...

You are a great dad & friend!

Hopefully one day you can cheer me on for a big race one day. :)

Congrats to Fred!

djstreet said...

Really enjoyed this one, Dave! Your daughter is a lucky girl!

Lynn B said...


I congratulate you on your recent re-prioritization, and the fact that you captured that "cover girl" photo! She is beautiful. Dmitry was strong all through the race, your comments on Fred made me cry...again.

Lynn B

Missy said...

The thoughts of Fred just leaning over and finishing helped me during my darker moments last weekend when I just wanted to walk.

I love the pictures of Macy, sweet girl. Those are the BEST times with dad, she'll remember them forever. My dad and I still have our vacations and time like that - just the two of us (at the cool age of 36). Yep, dads and daughters...