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Day at the Office
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Am Shipping Up To Boston

The atmosphere was electric. These Bostonians take their baseball seriously and the only thing that comes in a close second is the bratwurst on a bun you buy behind the Green Monster of Fenway Park.

Bren and I had flown into Boston early on Saturday morning, an afternoon nap and a subway ride later, and we found ourselves in Section 15, Row 8 of the legendary Fenway Park. They were playing my beloved Texas Rangers, who won the four game series 3-1…but that night was the Red Sox’s night, and I was not disappointed. Extra Innings, singing “Sweet Caroline” in the 8th inning…all part of an incredible experience of a baseball fan.

The 5 days, north of the Mason Dixon Line, with just me in my wife was a great break from work, day to day life in Texas, and parenting. My mom and dad watched the kids and we resided along the Charles River.

We did all the normal Boston things…the Freedom Trail, the Boston Commons, trips to Harvard and MIT…and even a day spent on the Cape…of course lots of seafood…and all that entails. What a wonderful time with my wife.

A break from “life” also meant that training waned a bit as well. I did do one upper body weight work out and one morning I did run 6 miles along the Charles River. Additionally to that, you need to be in good shape to go on vacation with Bren and me. We walk….a lot…average of over 10 miles a day.

So this weekend, I was back on the bike after a 2 week hiatus. Saturday was a 65 mile group ride at an average of 19 mph and a pace line of about 24 mph. It was my first pace line and I think I kept from screwing it up too bad. On Sunday…well a solo ride of 32 miles with an average of 19.9 mph.

We are a month out from the Hotter N Hell 100 mile bike race and ½ marathon the next day. I am riding for 2 individuals that are currently one of the 28 million in the battle of cancer…Carolyn Boyd and Sarah Grace. On Saturday Evening, we went to a celebration dinner for Sarah Grace…she has completed 6 months of chemo therapy. She is a beautiful 8 year old girl…who is sweet and tough as nails…and inspires me to push on…even when it hurts. LIVESTRONG!


DavidH said...

Sounds like a great trip! This little break will have you hungry come August. Eye of the Tiger!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love Boston!! One of my favorite vacation spots

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

OMG.... she is so pretty... what a sweet picture of a beautiful little girl.

SO glad you both had a great time in Boston. Scott and I pack in the walking miles when we travel. BEST way to see the sights!! Naps and time together is priceless.