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Day at the Office
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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Bicycle Ride with 14,000 of My Closest Friends…

That’s right…that is a comma after the 14…and that is what the Hotter N Hell 100 Mile Ride attendance was for last year…and they are expecting to surpass that this coming weekend.

With so many riders, well, I don’t know what my expectations should be as far as finishing time. The experienced guys say that for the first 20 to 30 miles expect mayhem, wrecks and carnage on the road…and so for getting a good pace and going strong…well that probably won’t happen…unless…well….unless you get up closer to the front…and hammer out of the start. You know… burn a few of the matches in the book to get on down the road and then settle into a pace line.

So how long do I think it will take me to finish? I don’t know! I know what I have in mind as for a goal…but there are a lot of variables here…lots….my first century ride….with 14,000 people….on a Texas August Day….So I am not giving any odds on this one. As far as the 1/2 trail marathon the following goal is to have a good time and get it done as soon as possible.

I have been doing a lot of riding with the Legacy Group and Coach Jim says he has a plan…I probably will line up with him and the other Legacy riders…but Jim is a beast…like finished it last year in just over 4 hr 30 min.

Let me talk about the Legacy Group for a minute…MY FAVORITE GROUP TO RIDE WITH…bar NONE! They are a great bunch of people…and some really MONSTER cyclist. Saturday’s ride was a 50 mile cool down country ride starting and ending at Coach Jim’s house with hamburgers and swimming afterword. My whole family showed up after the ride for the food and swimming. On Sunday, at 3:30 we went for a 30 mile heat training ride….it was only a 107F…I guess you could say it was Hotter N Hell…oh wait that’s next week…till then…PRESS ON!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Oh my goodness!!! 14k riders!!! Thats ALOT, like crazy ALOT. I will predict 6 hours total rolling time, its going to take awhile for that crowd to thin out and will cause for some slow moments, get a mirror that attached to your helmet or glasses, it will make your life soooo much easier trying to navigate through that mess.

Have fun and good luck

KK said...

Now don't get too excited in the beginning. Lots of rookies out there will take you down without you seeing it coming. Be careful, but kick some bikin' ass!

Jeff said...

14,000? Wow, I thought 8,000 at the Pittsburgh marathon was a little messy, HTH is about double that - ON BIKES!

DavidH said...

You are ready! Time to celebrate the training.