Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. - Phillppians 3:14

Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Things....Happy Things...

The surgeon looks at me after examining and says, “Sports hernia…I am not operating. I see it once a week.” So there you are…no surgery…he says treat it like a strained muscle…keep training…listen to your body…it will r heal itself. He mentioned that it doesn’t mean that I am immuned from having a full blown hernia…but right now….that’s it…so I have a 2 hour run tomorrow…for all you North Texas Peeps…no I don’t want to run with you…with all this icy weather, I have been cooped up with people and want to be ALONE…so tomorrow…alone....but thanks anyway.

Let me take this time now, to thank you all that have sent me messages telling my you are praying for me and thinking about me. It means more to me than you know. I don’t pound my chest much on this…but I take Josh Hamilton’s stance….”Glory goes to Him.”

On to more good things: I want to point out an event happening in New York City in Mid March…it’s a ½ marathon around the city and through central park. It is for the Fresh Air Fund that sends inner city kids to camp who otherwise would never get the chance….go check it out and if you are in the area run the darn thing…it’s only a ½ marathon…which may mean you have to run 12 miles to the start to get a good run in….or if you only want to go 13…sounds like a really cool place to go do that. If was able to run the thing I would be there in a heartbeat.

So there you are: 2 good things to warm the cockles of your heart….with all this cold weather…you need something to warm the cockles of your heart….plus I just like saying “cockles.”

Press on my friends…press on!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Glad you dont need surgery

Basil said...

I'm loving the smiley. Have fun on the run, and hope you heal up soon! I'm praying for you.

Missy said...

Right on, good news!

Kona Shelley said...

I wish I could do that run, sounds like fun.

Lynn B said...

Darn, I was going to start back running if you would run with me this week... guess I'll just stay retired.