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Day at the Office
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three weeks out to R2R2R...

Ok…sorry for the delinquency in writing…and blogging….but right now Life is an Ultramarathon event.

Two weekends ago (wow…it has been a long time since I have blogged), was a “recovery” weekend. I do that every 4th weekend…after 3 Long and sometimes back to back long run weekends. I had built up to 32 miles over Saturday and Sunday….and I have dropped the bike. Frankly, my poor performance at Grasslands 26.2 lit a fire underneath my butt.

So…on April 1-3, we had a Cub Scout Campout…and with me being the Cubmaster…feel some sort of responsibility of making sure everyone has a good time. Fortunately that fell on my recovery weekend and I was able to get an easy 10 mile run early Saturday morning on a “new” trail.

So….the intensity is up…every workout with a specific purpose. One workout during the week is a bootcamp….and Allie keeps the heart rate up and keeps it core intensive…and that is the purpose…strong core! Two weekly runs….on is a hill repeats…5 to 6 miles worth…the heart rate is high… The other run is to engage some speed…either 5 miles or so of Tempo or interval training. The day before Saturdays’ long run, Amber hammers my legs in a weight workout with nearly 1200 reps…squats, lunges, leg presses…leg extensions…and then back to back long runs…Saturday and Sunday. This past weekend was a 22 mile day on Northshore trail. It got a bit warm and I dialed it back. I try to keep my heart rate below 150 bpm to train and enhance my body for metabolic consumption of fat as the main fuel source. Sunday was a 16 mile day done on the road….just to hammer out a consistent pace and to get it done before church...for a 38 mile weekend....and very little soreness on Monday. It is amazing how the body can adapt. Over the next week or so...I will increase the weekend milage...up to nearly 45 miles and the weekly up to nearly 70 miles.

Soccer for Luke has wound up….and now we have Baseball for Luke and Softball for Macy…and of course all the spring activities from School….so I am literally going from one event to another with no break on the weekends. My bud Paul Tidmore calls this true Ultra Training…because after a 4 hour run…you still have to carry on like there was nothing to it.

So….that leaves us with just over 3 weeks out to the Grand Canyon R2R2R run….I feel ready…for an Epic Adventure with some really great People….Press ON!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

You been busy!!!

On Sunday I am running my first half mary, thats warmup for a stud like you, but its a big deal for me.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

WOW...only three weeks out. SO EXCITING!!! You have just enough time to knock out a 70 mile weekend and recovery before the true fun begins.

Glad life is keeping you busy.

ThaMessenjah said...

That's awesome dude!!!!!! I didn't realize you were doing this race.

Stacey (aka Ultraprincess) said...

Can't wait to hear all about it!!

olga said...

GC is such a great place for adventures! And I love your intensity, dude, thanks for bringning it on!

Steve Wray said...

This is on my bucket list of runs...Can't wait to hear about it.

Lynn B said...

I expect a full accounting of the R2R2R... what a blast that will be...