Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Monday, January 23, 2012

What Did I Do Before....

What did I do before we had kids…I honestly don’t remember….I really don’t…and I don’t think I want to remember…because that would be a dull life…a really dull life…

Let’s review…on December 19, my mom came to help out with the impending baby only to fall in my foyer and had to have a rod and pin put in her hip on December 20. On December 22, my wife gave birth to our fourth kid…Kyle Ryan.

So….over the last month….we have been making it happen….and by that I mean, getting kids to their activities, making sure homework was done….and all along the way me making sure I get to work on time…and Quatro gets fed…every 3 hours or so…day and night.

On the good nights Kyle is sleeping 7 straight hours….

We have had so many gracious people bring food by…and our dear friend Gillian has watch Kyle from time to time so Bren can get some things done. In times like these you really find out who your true friends are…and Team Elliott is blessed in that area.

My mom flew back to Lubbock after 2 weeks of Rehab here in North Texas…she is doing exceptionally and plans on a return trip within a month.

So….Luke has crossed over to Boy Scouts and went on his first weekend outing sans dad…by spending the weekend on the Aircraft carrier, USS Lexington….very cool. Baseball kicks up in about a month for him at which time he will be in overdrive.

Macy and Hope are both in Girl Scouts…and Hope will play Soccer this spring….Macy Softball…

Kyle will only observe at this time.

...and OH!...I almost forgot...we have 4 JAnuary birthdays within 13 days.

I will relinquish my Cubmaster duties in February….

And Training…the all important fitness realm….I got a trainer for Christmas…that lets me ride my bike indoors. It is amazing that how it feels exactly like I am riding on an open flat road. Despite some sleep deprivation, I have not missed a work out…although I did shift a few of them to the evening. It seems as though I am back to a regular 5:30AM workout schedule…my cardio has seemed to improve. I ride a minimum of 2 hours on Saturdays….and try to keep an average heart rate at 165 bpm. I know come spring I want to be the one causing the sufferfest….and not the sufferee….Next event will be March 24…as 100K with hills in East Texas….stay tuned…and press on!

?????I really do not know what I did with myself before kids….WOW….


Olga said...

Wow,man, more power to you and yours! Way to keep working out!

Lynn B said...

Good stuff... if Macy and Hope are selling cookies, put me down for some thin mints and some trefoils (?)...


I have the exact same trainer (mine is slightly less used...), we have such similar tastes (nook color, briefcase, now bike trainer)!