Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Up to Speed....and when to start the Burn...

Ok…ok…neglected…very neglected and if it was an actual human child I am sure the CPS would have harshly knocked on the front door...I speak of my blog of course.

Team Elliott is rolling….with a full head of steam I might add….Kyle is now 3 months old….and growing. Hope has 2 soccer games under her belt for the season…plays both forward and goalie…and will tell you that when she is in goal…the BOX is hers…you come…you may get taking out. It sounds like I am joking…I am not….she looks for contact. Macy has yet to start softball…but it is afoot. Both girls are kicking it in Girl Scouts and Y Princess too…with 2 campouts in the next month or so… My proud moment for Macy was when she was one of 7 selected from 700 to have a piece of her artwork auctioned off for a school fund went for $105.00...and was purchased by someone that was not a family member...frankly I don't know who bought it. I WAS LIKE OVER THE TOP PROUD!

Luke has commenced baseball….and oh how I love the sound of that. I am helping coach….and will help out with Macy’s team when need be. Luke has crossed over into Boy Scouts…and has gone and spent the night on the USS Lexington in January. In February both he and I went with the troop to camp 2 nights in Palo Duro Canyon…it stayed in the 30’s for most of the time….and the entire Troop knocked out a 10 mile hike with minimal whining….and I got in a good 15 mile run by running ahead ½ mile and doubling back to end of the troop…and then do it all over again…Loved it.

Bren is busy too…and I can’t imagine why…there are only 4 kids to take care of…and she is the home room mom for the kids…and goes to Mom to Mom Bible Study….and until recently (February 26) helped me as Cubmaster and was the Cub Scout Pack Treasurer….we have given up both rolls. She has also started back to the gym 3 to 4 days a week…and getting back in shape. She really is an amazing woman. I can’t understand why there were never many parents that would use the excuse, “I don’t have time” when I asked them to volunteer…;-)

For me...I still read alot...I still practice magic and slight of hand...and I still work 50+ hours a week as a 100% commission salesman...and as for is going…well it actually is going really strong. I have only missed 2 schedule workouts since my mom broke her hip December 19…and both of those were that week. I have been doing a lot of riding on the bike….a lot of core work…and some weights too. The first race of the season is Beauty & the Beast this coming weekend.. out in East Texas….67 miles of unrelenting hills…of suffering and anguish. My teammate, Amber asked how we plan on riding it. I respond, “We have a steady pace for the first 50 miles. Then we see how many matches are left in the book. If over ½ the book is left…then we start the burn…and hopefully as the last match extinguishes…we cross the finish line.”

Press On!

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Olga said...

You may have your daughter start signing her works so in the future it will help you to retire! Busy lives for you guys, and wow, amazed at your not missing a workout!