Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. - Phillppians 3:14

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It was Sunday Morning, December 9, 2007. I was sitting on the couch waiting for the rest of the family, ready to go to church. I flip on the T.V. and begin watching the Dallas White Rock Marathon being televised live. Two thoughts immediately go through the brainhousing group: a. you've gotten fat (190 lbs.), and b. You should be out there running this thing.

It was less than 6 years ago that I had run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Because of a new job, a new baby, and more time constraints, running had gone by the wayside. I pretty much have always run. I ran in the Marine Corp, I ran a little in college, I really started running when I got out of college. I ran Marathons, 1/2 marathons, 20k's, and 30k's. But as most runners know, running doesn't let you quite least completely. That afternoon I laced up a pair of running shoes and ran...and it hurt! Training had begun....for what? I didn't know.

As my wife will attest to, I am obsessive compulsive when it comes to training. I am either training full bore....or I am vegged out. My training continued. My milage increased. The legs and asthmatic lungs begin to show signs of life....and I started eyeballing race events...something big.

In January I read a copy of Ultramarathon Man, Confessions of An All Night Runner by Dean Karanzes. Karnazes has run distances of 350 miles and has completed 50 marathons in 50 consecutive days. Inspired, I kept training with still no event in sight.


Runks said...

you are absolutely crazy!! If God meant for us to run that far he wouldn't have created cars! your legs look good though.... hahahhahahha

Kenny said...

why not the Marine Corps Marathon this October?!

Semper Fi!

Dave said...


The Marine Corps Marathon is on my RADAR.

Thanks for reading