Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Friday, April 17, 2009


Dad and Macy at the base of the hill

About a month ago, Macy, my 6 year old daughter, and I went camping in the Arbuckle Hills of Oklahoma. was a freaking cold weekend....but if you have read this blog for long...there is no whining in the Elliott Family...Mom and Dad included.;-) The camp out was with 13 of her kindergarten friends and their dad's. We had a great time. On Saturday afternoon, we decided to go for a hike at Turner Falls despite the mornings snow flurries and rain....remember no FREAKING WHINING.

I first need to tell you a little about Macy. She's my over achiever and someday will probably be Martha Stewart's replacement. She loves arts and crafts and helps mom in all social planning endeavors. She is not my most athletic kid, but makes up in the biggest heart department with iron will determination and the, "dang it, I am not going down without a fight attitude!"

So when we go out for about a 2 mile little hike up some pretty treacherous terrain to a cave on the hill side, Macy is bound and determine to be the first one up the hill. After the jaunt up the side of the hill Macy says...and I quote, "Daddy I was first...the other girls had some trouble." Yeah won....(HECK YEAH I AM FREAKING PROUD..and no I don't have to encourage her...she is just wired that way...when you look at the pics you will understand why Mom is not allowed to go...she would have a heart attack if she saw what I let Macy do.)

As you can see the ascent is a bit of a challenge for a 6 year little girl but Macy is bound and determined. I am close behind to limit the fall to only 5 to 6 feet...didn't even need to worry as her decent was timely and impressive.

In the Cave

The descent is just, if not more, difficult than the ascent. Especially with the morning rains, the rocks were slippery and the mud made it even more precarious. Of course Macy is trailblazing again. She absolutely loves it. We had a great weekend.

On the training front. This particular weekend was only 7 days after the Grasslands 50 that Friday at about 10:00 PM I ran up and down the hills for only about 5 miles.

I am currently back on track with between 30-40 miles of running a week, with one spin class and 2 core workouts. The last 2 weekends I have done a half marathon distance trail run...this weekend I plan to go at least 15 miles. Not training for anything in particular at the moment but will have something soon. Have a great weekend out like an animal...or swim...or bike... or whatever you do...BUT DO SOMETHING!!!!!


Missy said...

OK, I had a 12 year old hand me my ass at the pool today and NOW you're telling me that a 6 year old would school me on the trail??? Crap. I need to work on strengthening the ankles...she was in little running shoes, not a hiking boot or nothin!

You know, my dad and I still go on vacation every year, just the two of us. Hiking, fishing, hanging out, no tv, few phones. Keep the tradition alive, with her. Dad's and daughters are super important!!! But I'm partial, I'm keen on mine:)

Marcy said...

Awwwhhhh how cute are you!

Ummmm you're daughter could kick my butt on that thing LOL DANG! That's nuts!

Man could you give us some of that "no whining" tonic? I've got crazy whiners up in this joint LOL

Rick Gaston said...

You know Marcy is the chief whiner right? Haha joke, joke. Well your kids are gonna grow up loving the outdoors. Good deal. That iron will and determination will help her in everything and she may just be your crew chief one day especially if you ever decided to tackle 100-milers in the future. She will be able to whip up Martha Stewart type trail food and pace you at midnight.

John M. said...

Kids do naturally what we do after forty-leben weeks of training...sigh.