Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

What A Mess!

This week has been good. Luke's triathlon training is going well. Because of his swim classes, he has taken about 30 seconds off of his 50 meter time. Need to work on transitions though. He has already started thinking about this and asked the other day if he could duck tape his insoles to his feet for the swim. Oh good stuff.

As far as my training, well it started raining here Friday, and now on Sunday...has not stopped. I had no choice. Saturday morning I get out to Northshore Trail at Grapevine Lake and try to get a long run in. I ran just over five and half hours, only 24 miles through sloppy mud, and slick rocks. This trail is really technical to start with, throw in the rain and you have an amusement park of excitement. Only fell once...on a flat part while looking at my Garmin...I was even walking at the time. But I got it done...felt like I ran 30 the end. Got up on Sunday to knock out another 10 miles on the the rain again.

On a whole different front, we had our first Cub Scout Den meeting for the year. After fall recruiting this past Wednesday, we had a few more to bring our total up to 17 eight year old boys. I have some plans to change things up a bit that will allow the den to stay together, but will need a couple of other parents to step up and sign up to volunteer. (BSA regulations recommends 8 boys to a den.) I love it and with the new changes, I think things will get better. Boy Scout Popcorn sales is in full swing and Luke started selling in the neighborhood yesterday while it was raining. He said...and I qoute, "It's hard to turn down a kid when he is standing in the rain." Makes me laugh.

Carry On!


Jeff said...

It seems I fall more when trail running walking than running. Last year I was coming down a switchback when there was some wet snow falling - I walked each tight turn because I was worried about losing traction and falling off the mountain. I still lost traction, but fortunately I just fell on my rear instead of down a cliff.

Rick Gaston said...

The kid is a born salesman. Where did he learn that from? Good stuff on the wet and muddy run. Keep them IT's strong and flexible, they worked some over time.

Missy said...

Sorry about the rain, c'mon to TN for some good August heat that has finally kicked up..but it's Sept, yeah, weird. Anyway, glad to hear that training is going well - for both of you. I don't know how you can hang on the trail in the rain. I'd be sure to come out broken.

Brenda said...

This posting made my laugh nonstop. Luke a mini-you Dave! Too funny.

Glad to see a little rain isn't going to stop you. I'm racing this weekend and looks like rain in the forecast - bring it on!

Brenda said...

Where's Dave??

I Can Clothing Co said...

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