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Day at the Office
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Disney World, First Triathlon, and a Rocket Launch

Ok, I know...I know...been out of pocket...but for good reasons:

Last Wednesday, September 16, we pulled our kids out of school and told them that all their weekend plans have been canceled. They were told to get in the van as we were on our way to the airport to go spend 7 days in Disney World. My wife and I had kept this as a complete surprise and they were totally surprised and stunned.

Seven days is barely enough but oh what fun we had. That place is truly magical. We stayed on Disney property at the Port Orleans Riverside resort. We covered a lot of ground and packed it in completely as we closed the parks down every night and capped it off at
midnight with ice cream sundaes.

Highlights include, but definitely not limited to, eating breakfast in Cinderalla's Castle with all the princesses, eating at Chef Mickey's, seeing Fantasmic show at Disney Hollywoods and riding nearly everything possible. Macy even got on the
Tower of Terror. Luke and I will ride anything and we put Hope on all the rides she was allowed to ride. Ask her and she will tell you that her highlight was riding Dumbo.

I was able to get in two 6 mile runs and even that was difficult after being on your feet for 16 hours a day...but I did what I could.

It was seven days that will never be forgotten. Here are a few of the 1128 pictures taken!

We come back and the next day I am back at work.

Three days at work and on Saturday, Luke had his first triathlon. He owned it and came in 4th in his age 8 group of 34 participants. He came in 32 place out of 115 overall (including the 10 year olds.) It included the following: Swim - 50 meters; Bike - 3 miles, Run - 0.5 miles. Luke's times respectively was
1:48 on the swim, 17:20 on the bike, and 3:36 on the run. His transitions went very well and I don't think he spent more than 30 seconds in both transitions combined. He absolutely loved it and left everything on the course.

On Saturday afternoon, we built a rocket for Cub Scouts and on Sunday we will launch it. This is an absolute blast and some rockets will reach 1500 feet of altitude.

On the training front: On Friday night, I took off for a 20 mile trail run at
Erwin Park. Wrapped it up and got in bed a 3:00 AM and was up by 6:00 to get Luke to the Triathlon. Came back after the Tri and ran another 8 miles. Had planned to get up this Sunday Morning, but physically and mentally my body needed rest. I was still exhausted from the trip and with sleep deprivation on Friday night, I slept in and got rest. For the most part the training is in the bank for Palo Duro. I don't feel ready but it is what it is.
Stay tune as the the Adventures NEVER END here at TEAM ELLIOTT...and OH DO I LOVE THAT!


Missy said...

Well bless IT, you've been running wild. Love all the pictures. Sweet pea is in love with Minnie Mouse, way cute.

Luke killed it out there. I'm so glad he had so much fun. I bet he's looking for another one soon?

I bet you needed some rest and sleep, sheesh. That whole post just wore me out reading it! 20 miler ending at 3am....

Jo Lynn said...

How fun and exciting for your babies. My daughter is 22 and STILL loves going to Disneyland every year. I want to take her to Disney World next year.

Shannon said...

No wonder my twin has been MIA.....

Can I just tell you that seeing your kid in that TRI just brings me joy joy joy! That is awesome.....I've been on a Disney cruise but never Disney.....

Awesome bro!

Brenda said...

GO LUKE! Fantastic!! What did he have to say after the race? Is another race in the works?

Beautiful family pictures!! All of you look like you had a ton of fun. :) Reason enough to miss school!

Marshall said...

Great post, Dave! Lots of big times going on at the Elliott house. Luke was awesome at the tri! Can't wait to hear about the next one. Great job.

Donald said...

Awesome! Pretty fast times for the little dude. Congrats to him, and here's my advice to avoid problems later on: teach him how to bilateral breathe on the swim now, while it's still easy to learn!