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Day at the Office
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The EDGE, Larry Boy, Adam and Bono sauntered into North Texas, sat up shop, and applied their craft. That is an enormous understatement.

The event was housed in the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium...a venue that is an event in itself. It is good that the stadium holds such stature since the product that Jerry Jones has decided to put on the field on Sundays is leaving a lot to be desired. Not So with the third major concert performing at the stadium of stadiums.

The "Death Star"...I mean the Cowboy you feel the gravitational pull?

I had waited for over 20 years to see U2 Perform live. I have all their CD's...even the "weak" ones. I believe that when it all said and done, U2 will be recognized as the best and most renowned band in history. Their longevity and 30 years of continued high end production will leave second place light years it the Beatles, the name it....

So paying $50 dollars to be a fan club member, allowing me selection and purchasing of tickets 3 days before they hit general public was a small price to pay. We sat first deck, 12 rows up, in front of stage and celebrated the night with about 80,000 of my closest friends.

I could spend reams of words and descriptions breaking down the show. They would fall short. Donald has described in details the time he attended the U2 concert at the Red Rocks...when Bono breaths to life the opening phrases of "Sunday Bloody Sunday." I am sure I experienced many of those same things last night. My highlight was when the Edge, Adam and Larry lowered the instrument volume, Bono stepped away from the mic, and the first stanza of "With or without you" was sang vocally by 80,000 concert goers. The band left everything on the stage...they sang a lot of new stuff, hit many of the classics and made one realize how much volume they really have.

I hear that the sound left some to be desired in the upper decks due to the venue's inheritant acoustics. Where we sat, that was not an issue.

What a night...what a show....What a Band...I left the evening with a since of being overwhelmed ...U2?

My Beloved

The U2 Posse


Jennifer Whitson said...

So glad we were able to experience U2 with you. Thanks for inviting us! We had a great time!

Missy said...

Looks like a great time...for a U2 fan;) I'm sure it was an amazing place to see a show - NO doubt.

Donald said...

Magnificent. I'm with you in their overall place in history - I've long considered them our The Beatles of our generation. You could make a strong argument that they've even surpassed the Fab Four. I'm very glad you got to see them at long last. Thanks for the report.

Shannon said...

Awesome run down of the U2 experience. You are now the 3rd person I know who's seen them on tour. You and your wife look great in your concert clothes.

DavidH said...

Cool experience and photos! My wife and I saw them at AA center a few years back and loved it.