Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Last couple of weeks have been in taper mode for the Palo Duro 50 miler. I am burned out...just let me begin with that. One day I was lamenting (bordering on whining) to my friend Patton Gleason about I am not having fun running and not feeling ready for Palo Duro. He then reminded me that after Grasslands 50, I took off about a week and then went right back into putting in some miles. He asked, how many of your "long" weekend runs have been in the single digits (9 miles or less) since the Grasslands. I responded...oh, less than five. So for the last 7 months you have had a run nearly every weekend that was 10 miles or longer...mostly longer. yep!

So this weekend, it was Luke's Renegade Y guide group's Camp out at Broken Bow Oklahoma. Beautiful country. We get there at about 5:30 PM on Friday and after the boys go to bed, I take off for a 12 mile taper run till a little after midnight. We get up the next morning and all for a nice little hike after breakfast. Luke had been having trouble with his asthma this past week and we did a breathing treatment before leaving for the hike. Coming back from the hike, he rolls down the window and tells me it is hot. It was cold out and I was not hot. Long story short, took his temp...102...came home...went to doctor....SWINE FLU. Keep the lad in your prayers as the asthma and swine flu don't mix well together.

So what does this week hold. Have to wait and see. The whole family was going to Palo Duro with me, leaving Thursday evening....don't know now. U2 is in town tomorrow and Bren and I plan on going to that. We have started a preemptive strike with the rest of the clan. Prayers requested....


Missy said...

Crap, what a time! We are having the same issues in these parts. Poor guy - asthma makes EVERYTHING just a little more complicated (I hate it).

Sending good juju your way, sounds like you need it right now!

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

I'm thinking about you guys!! Hope all is well! If you need any questions answered, DO NOT hesitate to call! Don't forget I'm a nurse! ha Peace, brutha, and good luck. Luke, get to feeling better quick, quick!

Marshall said...

Hang in there, Dave. Hope Luke gets to feeling better soon. And good luck at Palo Duro. I'm already getting the ultra itch again so maybe all we need is a little time off, like you say. See you soon.

Brenda said...

Oh no!! We'll keep Luke and all of you in our prayers. Hang in there, you're almost to the race!

DavidH said...

Hey Dave - I send positive healing vibes towards your son. Dealing with illness is never any fun and when it's your child, even less.

I hope for a progressive, positive recovery by your son and look forward to seeing you out at Palo Duro.

Rick Gaston said...

Will send you some prayers Dave. Hope that flu doesn't hit him too bad and doesn't spread in the household.

Yeah, gotta build more rest into your routine I think. At this past weekends race I met up with friends who have had nice long recovery periods after their summer races they looked good.

Donald said...

Can't wait to hear about the U2 show! I know you've been waiting a long time.