Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Picture taken right after the run.

I will take a brief break from the historical account of Bataan. The sheer brutality of Bataan and all that entails at times can wear on one.

The weekend has been fairly uneventful compared the past whirlwind of a January. Let me add that the schedule has been full…but not insane crazy full.

Saturday morning found me up at 0400 and ready for a run. In November, I had committed to performing magic at a luncheon for a professionally organization this past Saturday. Thus the early rise in order to get the necessary training done. It was cold…but not brutally cold…only about 33 degrees.

It was an 18 mile kind day again, but this time all 18 miles with the 40 lbs pack. This is 5th week with the pack and I can tell the difference. I ran the 18 miles in 4 hours 28 minutes….I know, I know…it ain’t blazing. But with 25% of my body weight added to my baggage, sub 15 minute per mile pace is something I am happy with. The back is really tense at the end, but each weekend this becomes less so and later and later in the run. I see my buddy Patton Gleason, training marathoners and 1/2 marathoners for Luke's Locker...I give him a peace sign and keep on moving. He left a comment on my previous post that pretty well sums it up.

So I see this guy yesterday morning 2/6/2010 running through Plano and carrying a huge backpack. It doesn't look like it is easy and it doesn't necessarily look like it is fun. But this guy with headphones a blaring is just cruising.

On Sunday I ran another 5 miles with the pack. People ask, “Why do this 5 miles?” The answer is more mental than physical. The shoulders and body are still sore on Sunday morning from the previous day’s escapade, and by donning that pack on Sunday morning, I feel that I am training my mind more than the body to do something it would rather not deal with. Sunday, after the 5 miles, I felt like the run was barely and effort. I think that is good…is it not?

So Saturday after the run, I get home shower, eat, get dressed and out the door to perform. The performance would be for about 50 engineer types and I literally put the set list together in the hotel parking lot….all close up magic type stuff. I forget how much I enjoy performing…and getting engineering types to loosen up, laugh…and I mean belly laugh…is a lot of fun. It was a 30 minute performance that went well…at least they laughed a lot and my magic was decent….so I don’t think they were laughing at that. I have had a few people tell me to post some videos of me performing….so here is a little something I came up with, called “Going Home.” Youtube changed the music as I originally set it to something copyright protected. Show your kids….but don’t tell them how it’s done. ;-)


KK said...

Seriously Dave, you are one of the most interesting people I know. Wow! Keep plodding along, you're doing great!

Dave said...

I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos XX....Stay Thirsty my friends.;-)

Shannon said...

"The back is really tense at the end, but each weekend this becomes less so and later and later in the run."

Because of the rock hard core of DOES get easier.

Yahoo on the magic trick show, I'm glad you went.

Jeff said...

0400, 18 miles, 40 lbs. pack - on some days just one of those would make me want to cry. You are seriously hard core! Keep it up!

Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan said...

And a magician, too! That's totally awesome.

Brian said...

I like the idea of running the next day with the pack, I'll be trying it this weekend. By the way cool magic Renaissance Man!

Donald said...

Very cool magic. I could watch that kind of stuff all day. It drives me crazy trying to figure them out.

三八 said...


Missy said...

Love the picture! 18 miles under the best of circumstances makes me want to cry - that pack might make me fall over. Way to go. Nice job, sounds like you're really going to 'do this thing?' Shannon is right, core is the answer to keep your back 'right.' OH, and you need to schedule some good massages too.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

I sent this link to Scott the other day. You really have talent!! I bet your kids want to know the trick to the trick all of the time :))

Your training pictures...freaking bad ass. Love it.