Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Setting a Record!

She got 12 inches….Snow…Dallas got 12 inches of snow on Thursday. The most snow in a 24 hour period for North Texas. You Northern Peeps…keep your snide comments to yourself…less you want to come down and run with me in July…and I aint’ scared to take you out at 2:00 PM in the scorching 105 degree afternoon….may want to see what you had for lunch…;-)

Anyway I digress. So where the heck was I…oh yeah, we got the white stuff…which really does not effect my training during the week since I do some madd Core work…and the speed work…crank up Metallica and git’er done on the treadmill. But on Saturday, running with that pack thing….you have just got to deal with the weather God gave you. My buddy and Ultrarunner, Marshall King says, “You can't choose your weather on Race Day, so don't choose your weather on training days." So at 0430, Saturday morning, I am out the door. Most of the snow had melted off of the sidewalk and streets…but the grass….well it had about 8” of the white stuff. Another thing, this was “recovery weekend” and so, I was to only run a ½ marathon with my new “mistress”…the 40 pounder. For the first 10 miles I stuck to concrete to get a good pace knocked out. The last 3 miles I made myself run in the 186 acre park, next to my house…in the snow….kinda like running in sand…and there is suppose to be some sand at the White SANDS desert (Bataan Marathon) so it’s all good. Ran another 5 miles on Sunday…but do you really care about that at this point?

On a side note: I had packed my wallet and ran to a card store to get Valentine cards for my wife and kids. You should have seen the look on the lady's face…and I acted like everybody shows up at a card place in running tights, hat and gloves, Salomon XT wings, and a 40 lb pack…I love doing stuff like this just to mess with people. (see pics, cause that’s how I looked to that really confused lady who was afraid to ask, “what’s up?”…oh good times!;-))

So where to from here…well next weekend is the Crosstimbers Trail Race. It is a tough trail with some steep climbs and some technical stuff as well. With all this snow…it is going to be as muddy as a hog pen…and yes I am running the half marathon with big fat Betsy…that 40 lb mistress…you got a better name….let me have it. I plan on throwing on some miles at the end…but will have to see how I feel. My goal…just DON’T BE DAL….just don’t…even with Fat Betsy.

Yeah, I know that the tone this has been written in is a departure from my few previous posts…deal with it…I am in one of those moods…glad Valentines is over. After celebrating like Rockstars in January…the Hallmark card day of Valentines…is pretty low key….nothing wrong with that….;-)

And so I leave you with some photos…and yes…the dang things were staged…Dallas Texas gets 12 inches…you stage photos…just deal with that too….and the cool thing…all the snow has melted off and you East Coast peeps will be shoveling till May…;-)

In front of the Fire Station a 1/4 mile from our house.


Missy said...

Holy White out! You guys got hammered. If your mistress is 40lbs, that's one skinny biatch you got there:) I love the pictures, staged or not.

Jeff said...

I wouldn't mind the snow so much if it melted off like that! And you're right about the heat - you could totally outrun me in 80 degree heat let alone 105, and I'd take snow over that any day! (Which is good because we're getting more tonight!)

KK said...

Bertha. Betsey is too dainty of a name. Bertha fits. Or even Helga because she puts you through hell. LOL!

Damn, you are a brute, Dave! I'm really looking forward to the 105 degree heat. To me, it's much more tolerable.

Soldier on! You're doing great! Can't wait to hear what you think of Cross Timbers.

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Love the pics. You have a beautiful family. :)

Wow, I can't believe you had that kind of snow in Texas. I live in Michigan and we've been muddling through our snow for months, but if you're in Texas you don't typically expect to get that kind of snow.

And I agree with Missy on your skinny bitch. LOL

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Where to begin...

Card Store - PRICELESS!!

Kids - CUTE and Priceless

Leaning Snowman - TOO CUTE!

You are one hardcore FREAK.

Lynn B said...


See you Saturday...