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Day at the Office
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's Ride....into the wind...and no, it's not a Christopher Cross Song

Alright...week 2 on the old fixie...Saturday morning...was going to be a packed day...ballgames...birthday parties...and oh...the bike ride.

So at 0700 I found myself in the saddle heading North...into a 20 to 25 MPH wind....dang....this is harder than it's suppose to be....all my cycling/tri buddies...quit laughing ;-)...I have 2 the saddle and out of the saddle...but still enjoyed the thrill of the ride. Heading south...oh so much more fun....cruising no effort....24 mph...when it was all said and done the 2nd ride was a 41 much more to learn...and so much room for improvement.

On Sunday I got up at 0530 for a 10 mile barefoot run just to get the running legs going. (actually only the first 6 miles were barefoot (Vibram Five Fingers) and the last 4 with real shoes...I have begun to feel the difference in my form change...and I think that is a good thing. Back at the house...before everybody else gets up so I can cook breakfast for my wife on Mothers Day...and yes, I showered first...geeze...give be a have already laughed at me for lamenting the fact I actually had to ride into the wind. ;-)

Full disclosure...and I am being serious about this...for an Ultra Marathoner....I feel out of shape...I can't tell you when the last time I went for a 6 hour run...and I would be lying to you if I said that there is not a small amount of concern with this. My overall fitness is as good as is has ever been...but my endurance is off a bit. I will reassess, but I think by the end of summer I want to be doing a 4 to 5 hour trail run with not much problem. This will spring board me into the fall training with the Rocky Racoon 100 mile Ultra event next February.

So I close with this...I have felt a little like a fish outta water with the new cycling thing. All you cycling peeps that have sent messages of encouragement have made a guy feel very welcome into this new sport I have undertaken. My good pal, Ultra marathoner and triathlete, Kari Kennedy is a great athlete and better person...She is going to get me into some group rides....she says....those are real fun....I inquired...."even on a fixed gear?"

The picture below is one of my favorites....My daughter, Hope who is an absolute riot...and at the age of 4...we are already on the same wavelength....YIKES!!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

She is a beaut, thats for sure. WHat did you name her? I see they fitted her on the agressive side. That will make you faster.

Head winds are no fun at all, but with it at your back, makes you feel like a speedster.

Lynn B said...

Nice bike...

KK said...

Dave you are a full-on machine. Your name came up several times over the course of the weekend. You're an animal. I'll train by you any day! :) Now quit yapping and get on the bike, dangit!

Lynn B said...

Name? How about Helga's sister by another mother... I vote for Fiona (she looks Italian)!