Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Tomorrow is Carolyn’s birthday. A gal I graduated high school with and she is in the dead center throes of battling breast cancer. Full on chemotherapy and all that it entails…losing hair…skewed white blood cell counts, nausea, sickness…and then being an employee, mom of 4…and wife of one. She is nearly always positive…fighting this thing with everything the good Lord has given her.

Lance Armstrong has put the battle of cancer in forefront…at least among cyclist and endurance athletes with his Livestrong campaign.

So it is only natural that the cycling has become a way to raise awareness and money for cancer research…thus, in steps my buddy Scott Blackburn and his wife Robin. This fall, they and 25 other cyclist will go on a little 1600 mile bike ride from Greenville SC to Austin TX to the Lance Armstrong Fundraiser…I hope to possible meet up with them and ride a bit. Scott is trying to raise money for cancer research. You can donate here!

Make sure to click “Scott Blackburn” so that the donation will go towards his goal of $5,000.0

For $25 – you can forward me an IN HONOR OF or IN MEMORY OF individual and He will write that person name on his cycling jersey, arm warmers, leg warmers, shorts, any place to carry with him during my trip.

For $50 - In addition to the above, he will have an IN HONOR OF or IN MEMORY of magnet placed on the ride support car for the entire trip to Austin for everyone to see during our trip. This magnet will be sent to you after the event it complete.

Back to Carolyn…she turns 40…I am thinking she is good for at LEAST another 40…probably more…she has things to get done…being a mother, a wife, a cheerleader, a mother of the bride…you know all the things that make life sweet…

In August, I ride...the Hotter N Hell 100 miler…and I ride for Carolyn… LIVESTRONG!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love this, my team, all our rides are for charity. There is something about riding for a cause.

I remember my first charity ride with them this year, it was to raise money for the Susan B Komen foundation. Some unknow rider that just shoulded up to the event, was maoning and groaning about the wind and the cold before the ride, when the event leader turned to him and said something that has stuck in my head and I always remember this when times get tough in the saddle on a charity ride. He said "the pain you will feel today is nothing to what your grandmother, mother, sister or daughter went thru with this horrible disease." So true, and I always think of that quote when riding.

Rick Gaston said...

Right on Dave, going strong and using your time to raise money for those who are truly suffering.