Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Another First...and I nearly Puked!

Ok…Another weekend…and another First….but I will get to that in the minute.

First, the Baseball/Softball season has wrapped up and playoffs will start this next weekend. Both Macy and Luke are playing well. Luke hit the ball like a monster this past weekend and Macy went 1 for 2…and loves every minute of it.

So Saturday before Luke’s 0800 game, I was able to squeeze in a 10 mile run…but it was Sunday that I was focusing on.

I was going on 2 rides….a 40 mile ride solo before church early on Sunday…and at 3:30 PM a group ride in the heat for the purpose to accomplish 2 things….heat acclimation and to get use to riding with a group. The heat index registered 100 degrees and there was about a 20 MPH wind out of the south. If you are on a Fixed Gear…well there are certain challenges when riding in a group. I still have a lot to learn on how the handle the fixie in a group ride. To get up a hill on the fixie…well the best way is to get out of the saddle and use momentum to ride up the hill…which means that you may break away for a minute…but then, ironically on the downhills the group will take off and keeping up is difficult because your legs can only move so fast…and being “fixed”…you are always having to “peddle.”

The first 22 miles I slipped into the group and had a good time riding with the group. I even did some work on the first part of the ride. Then we came to Windhaven Hill…and Maria warned me about a mile out. This was “THE “ hill. We start into the hill and I hear everyone slip into what they called “granny” gear. My granny gear was out of the saddle and up we started. I have never ridden something so hard…my heart rate JUMPED to a 190…I couldn’t believe how hard this was…can I move any slower and still stay up….finally it was over and we all regrouped at the top. Someone asked Amy, how was it…and she responded, “I don’t know, I watched that psycho on the fixie ride up that thing.” I didn’t tell everyone I nearly puked at the end…I could feel it starting to come up as we peaked the hill…”hold it down…don’t let it come up…”

I had burned the entire matchbook on that climb…the legs were done…and so the last 5 miles I struggled to keep up with the "A" Group…soon the ride was over…31 total miles for total afternoon ride…and a 71 mile day. I was cooked…a little disappointed that I couldn’t keep up very well the last few miles…and well also glad it was over…and glad I didn’t puke...really…not a good way to acquaint yourself with a new riding group. Ride on…or run on…but do something other than sitting on the couch…


Missy said...

Way to go psycho! I love that! Of course, I WOULD love that. Anyway, yep, it's puktastic here too. Be careful or you'll lose too much weight during a ride. Keep on top of that salt intake.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

You have NO REASON to be disappointed in the last 5 miles of the ride. You left everything out there!!! I am amazed and would LOVE to know what spped you could burn up the roads at if you were on a true road bike.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I cant tell you how many times I ran out of gas the last 10% of the ride, when biking those distances, it gets tricky.

Stop by Friday for your Pukie

KK said...

Dude! You were trying to keep up with:
1. People with granny gears.
2. People who were fresh and hadn't already ridden 50 miles that day.
3. People who have been doing this a lot longer than you.

There is no reason to be disappointed. None. Nada. Zilch.

That said, nice job, Dave. You're a psycho for sure. :)

Lynn B said...

Windhaven hill... heh. I have run repeats there and it is the nastiest thing around, for sure. Nice work... next time, go ahead an puke, you'll feel better and it makes for lot's of good memoris! Won't help with being gassed the last 5 miles, but still...

Nice work, you'll not find anything nearly that challenging at HHH.


SSB said...

Each time hang on just a little bit longer. That's what group rides like that are all about.