Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Monday, June 21, 2010

A New Bike...and French Braids...

Ok...EPIC Father's day Weekend...and I really don't know where to start. It was a busy weekend with running, cycling, softball and just being a Dad.

Heck...let's go chronological:

Saturday at 0600 I found myself at Northshore Trail at Grapevine lake with Kevin, Matt, and cut to the chase...13 miles on the trail...with our mild spring, I still have not acclimated to the heat/humidity yet. We all suffered and had a good time...does this make sense???

Then back to the house...Macy's has started the Softball playoffs. The 1st grade Speedy Hamsters were 1st place in the regular season thus being awarded a first seed into the bracket...and a victory on Saturday Afternoon.

As soon as the game was over, Luke and I went to go look at a bike a guy was trying to sell. A bike of the caliber had been neglected and the owner thought maybe somebody else could find a better use for it...a TREK carbon with Shimano Dura Ace components...a lot of bike...with the specs HERE for you bike freaks. is official, I now have a real bike!

I have not gone for a real ride yet as I need to get the cleats for the DuraAce pedals.

Sunday, I slept in and relaxed as we had Father's Day stuff to do. Off to church...then back to the another Speedy Hamster softball game...with not so good results as the previous day. On a much less important note...last week I posted on Facebook...that "My name is Dave, I am a Marine and can French Braid my daughter's hair." Yep...I French braided her hair for the game...and here is a picture for proof...

After the ballgame, we went swimming with some friends...then I got off for a 30 mile recovery ride on the ole Fixie...

Wow...what a weekend...

I want to close with this...that meant more to me than you can imagine...

My Wife, Bren got me a Father's Day card with Superman on the front...and the inside reads, "I wish you could see yourself the way I do!" That gal is the wind to my back, the anesthetic to the pain, the octane to run the engine and the lead that shields the kryptonite...I love that women!


KK said...

Dave you're a lucky man! You have a great family, great wife, and now you have a really awesome bike. :)

Can't wait to hear the next tales from the road.

Lynn B said...


With this particular post, you are debunking the stereotype of an Aggie...

Wisdom, you're demonstrating wisdom. Never forget how blessed you are, honor that!

Oh, and what's all that crap on the rear hub of your new bike?

Lynn B

Rick Gaston said...

After the single speed that bike is going to feel real sweet. Gears who knew they could bring tears to your eyes. That's a sweet bike Dave and you should have a nice ride since you go all out. All that core workout stuff, perfect for riding. Some of us go at it backwards. We ride hard, use too much of our back because we don't engage our core enough, sent back to work on core as part of rehab - my story when I trained for my first and only Ironman.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I got your email, I am extremely behind in my blogging, and I must say *drool* that is one sweet bike, its better then both of mine. Your gonna love it, it will feel like a breeze compared to your fixie.

btw, in Feb, can I count you in for Tough Mudder in Austin?