Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just a Walk Around the Block...

That was what my wife told me 15 minutes after I had run a 20 mile trail run. She was being serious...and the truth...she was legs didn't hurt....I wasn't energy was good and I didn't feel wiped fact I felt energized. This was the third weekend in a row were I had a 20 plus mile run...and I could feel my endurance coming back. As a bonus, I met my buddy Tom Crull out on the Arbor Hill Trails...and got to run with him for an hour...Incredible guy and we hound each other mercilessly...he was in the Navy...and with me being a Marine...well you wish you could here some of those conversations. We talked a bit about nutrition...and we both came to the same an Ultra Runner or Ultra Endurance's all about training the endocrine system to release the proper enzymes via the liver to utilize fat as the main fuel source...which requires keeping the heart rate in zone 3 for extended period of times while consuming the proper complex carb/protein ratios. I feel it takes time...and unless you are a biological "freak"...I think that is why some of the best Ultra guys are in their late 30's early 40's. Those are just some of my thoughts.

Additionally, today I got up early to run 7 miles on "tired" legs the next day....and frankly, the legs aren't tired. I hope this is a good sign. One other thing to note, the day before my long runs, I have been hammering my legs in the weight room....lots of squats, lunges with heavy weight, explosion skips...stress on the quads and hamstrings alike. My hopes are that by hammering the legs like this the day before my long runs will build the strength, both physically and mentally. I make sure they get a good recovery soon thereafter.

Let me close with this...apart from running. I love my Sanuks...I know...they are so ugly they look good...and they are the most comfortable thing I have every worn on my feet...especially after a long run. I wear them everywhere...summer, church or to a ball game.

This summer we were on our way to Colorado and we had stopped by a road side park. A man about 65 years old wearing jeans, a western shirt and big belt and buckle....looking like he had worked on a ranch his entire life...he comes up to me and says, "you like your Sanuks as much as I like mine?" I look down and smile...sure enough his feet were adorned in the Sanuks. His feet didn't match the rest of him...and he didn't care....and neither do I. Until next time...Press On!


Julie said...

Sounds like you are getting in some good training. Glad to hear it! Are you still out on Bandera this year? I have heard there are going to be some really big names there.
LOVE my Sanuks!!! Most comfortable shoes EVER.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Your legs are beast-like! Those miles are nothing for you. You have the mental make-up needed for this Ultra crazy life.

You love your Sanuks like I love my crocs. Nothing wrong with that.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, I wish I could walkaround the block after 20 miles, you are an animal.