Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. - Phillppians 3:14

Thursday, December 30, 2010 the Next Race...and New Year...

Well….we’re about 9 days out from Bandera…isn’t that how you keep your calendar…everything relative to the next race. Really…that is how I keep a calendar….it’s all relative to birthdays and races…no?

Anyway….Christmas has come and gone…Overall a blessed time...Christmas Eve Service at Prestonwood Baptist Church and then a 3 hour 4 course meal with a dear family that lives next door at Maggiano’s…and then home to unwrap some gifts that we give each other….and prep work for Santa Clause….this year the big gift for the kids was a trampoline and DVD player for the car. Despite our best efforts to keep Christmas “reasonable”….we all seem to get too much. On to the New Year…

Yes, I fell into the gluttony trap over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…I didn’t gorge myself…but ate a lot of the wrong things…and didn’t really care either. On Sunday, I went out for an 8 hour trail run…lethargic, dragging…It is incredible the effects sugar intake has on the body and it’s performance. On Monday I got up to punish myself…45 minute kettle bell workout, 5 miles of hill repeats and 20 minutes of ab work. I kept my heart rate up for the full 2 hours and went anaerobic on the hills. Good stuff.

Now for the next week of taper…no weight workouts for the legs…let them recovery….nothing to take me to the edge as far as long workouts either….maybe an easy 12 mile run this weekend…and then on to the Hill Country. This year Bandera 100K is the US Track and Field 100k Trail Run Championship….so there will be some fast guys showing up
So as I gear up for the new year…I count my many blessings…I thank my Lord….and wish and pray for you to have a blessed 2011….PRESS ON!


Jeff said...

With a name like Maggiano, that meal HAD to be good!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Happy New Years