Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Monday, March 2, 2009


…and now it’s time to start tapering. What an active and busy weekend. Friday evening, Bren and I had kid activities and commitments. So after these aforementioned commitments, I took off out the door at about 10:30 PM for a 30 mile run. What that meant was that I would be running way into the early morning. The weather was mild and I looked forward to the solitude of a late night run. I make myself run practically all night from time to time for reasons I will expand upon later.

Although the weather at the start was great, a cold front moved in and at about 1:00AM, the temperatures had dropped 15 degrees and the wind blustered to 25 to 35 MPH. When I wrapped up around 4:00AM it was about 38 F and the wind had beaten me to death…but the run was in the bank and I felt pretty good.

So why run all night? First, sometimes it is the best time to get the long run in without an impact to the family weekend activities. But more important, it becomes a mental thing that I want to overcome. When I left the Marine Corps, I vowed not to get “soft”….not to let the comforts of life become the expected. I have to admit that at 2:30AM that my thoughts turn to the 500 thread count sheets and plush Chatham & Wells mattress….but I have another 10 mile loop to do before I can call it day. It becomes lonely, and though I want to whine, nobody hears…so what’s the use. Run on into the darkness both in reality and the mind.

At 5:00 AM on Saturday morning, after grabbing a bit to eat and a shower, I climb into bed. After 3 ½ hours of slumber, it’s out of the rack for the day’s events. First, Luke’s basketball game at 11:00, then an afternoon date with my wife….wrapping up the late afternoon with me at the backyard grill cooking up dinner.

Sunday morning found me up at 5:00AM to meet Marshall K. at the Northshore trail – Grapevine Lake. What a glorious day to run. The temps were downright cold but we had an awesome 12.5 mile run….Marshall went ahead to wrap up his 20 miler. I had to get back to the casa to get ready for church. After an afternoon nap, it was time to go to the Blue & Gold Banquet for our Cub Scout Pack.

What an action packed weekend, and I feel great. The legs aren’t sore and I feel ready for the up coming race….we will get to that later.


Jeff said...

wow, that's pretty hard-core.

I don't think my wife would like me running through the night all that much. She's a bit of a worrier.

Marcy said...

Ok so the title made me laugh. Would expect otherwise??! LOL

I get your reasoning for doing it at night but dude you is crazy! Why not just get up early like 4am? You can be in by the time la familia gets up. That's how I usually work it, although I'm also not putting in those kind of miles LOL

Missy said...

Now that's just an all new kind of crazy right there! AND furthermore, you're going to have to teach me a lesson on this kinda crazy. I'm thinkin that I'll need to be doing some of that all niter shiz if I have any plan to do a 24 hour tri, OUCH! Way NOT to go soft, pretty damn hardcore to me.

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Man, don't you just love FINISHING those training runs. Sometimes that's the thing I love most about running...........STOPPING! ha Great job getting the 30 miler in! Peace!

Missy said...

You can ONLY do an IM if you like to and are willing to ride a bike (a lot). The swim thing, YES, you can totally get efficient enough to finish the IM swim. If it's total suckatude we're dealing with, a coach, first a couple of personal sessions and then a group. Got to find a group, masters or tri swim group with different skill levels. We have people that went from doggy paddle to finishing the IM swim so YES, you're in!

Rick Gaston said...

Dave your Marine buddies would be proud. I was thinking about you when I got up Saturday morning. I was like, dang Dave's already done with his long run for the weekend.