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Day at the Office
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweetness!!!!!! Alway Around!

Yep, that's right. That is a picture of a Samoa Girl Scout Cookie. Two of'em make 300 calories. I can sit down and eat a whole sleeve...for those counting....that 's 1500 calories. So that got me thinking. Ultramarathon food....and an excuse to eat a whole sleeve. If you remember I blogged here about the redneck food, Moonpie, being the ultimate in ultramarathon food. (and no, I DO NOT like NASCAR!) I think the Samoa may take over. At this point I must head off the comment from Rick about too much sugar and cratering...but after sucking on gel packs...a Samoa cookie and a quesadilla taste like a Maine Lobster with fillet Mignon! So with that, I intended to train with the Samoa cookie on my Saturday's run...but I get ahead of myself.

I have written this Sunday evening to be posted on Monday...I am going to work to get some here it goes.

Friday evening, an end of season basketball party for Luke. Up early on Saturday, to go to the airport with his Y Guide group to welcome the troops home. Very cool....and then a mid day run on the trail of Erwin park. I was tired and run down. ....a bit dehydrated...and in taper mode. So I ran only 13 miles. I hurt, my heart rate was I ran to survive and by the way...the Somoa worked out as far a no digestive track it's in the rotation as a treat for myself for the next 50 miler. Then it was time to get back home and get ready for a big evening with my oldest daughter Macy.

In the Dallas Area, it is popular to have a Daddy & Daughter Dance. It's a chance to get dressed up to the "Nines" and go out to eat and have a great time. We live in Plano Texas...and Plano did a great job with the event. We went with Macy's Y Princess Group (it used to be called Indian Princess until politically correctness ran amok...but that is a different blog for another day...and encroaching into the political opinion realm which I try to stay away from on this blog. Suffice it to say, I am Conservative....I think you can figure out the rest!). We had a wonderful dinner at Macaroni Grill with all of her friends and their fathers. It was then off to the Plano Civic Center. Let me say at this point, two things: a. I have never seen so many middle aged white men with no rhythm...and b. Yeah...I still got it and can bust a'move!...quite laughing! The theme was a retro 60's night and they gave way some 60's stuff. Look at the last picture of Macy. When I mentioned that she looked like a Janis Joplin Starter Kit...she responded in a quizzical, "WHO?????" It was a wonderful evening and made Macy's day. Let me close with say can dress up, but they are still 6 year old Macy had chocolate all over the front of her dress by the end of dinner.

So here I am, tired but happy. I remember Mark The Naked Runner lamenting the fact that sometimes it's hard to fit in training with kids, family and all. I had this same conversation with Scott Eppelmen...and he's good. So I will close with this. I propose to add on to the race age group categories...the "I have over 2 kids" category for the awards and all...what do you think?;-) Enjoy the pics below.....


Marcy said...

OMG I loooooveeee Somoas. They are my fav, fav, fav GS cookie by far. I didn't realize that were that high in cals. YIKES!

The Daddy Daughter Dance sounds sooo sweet. Man they never have any fun stuff like that around here.

AnthonyP said...

Those are my favorite !!!! We get boxes and boxes each year, which means I gain pounds and pounds.

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Very snazzy! And your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!
Ok, so my race food that I can't live without is Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies and High Protein Chocolate Boost! At Grasslands I will eat that everytime I come back around to the main aid station. The oatmeal provides a lower glycemic index carb that gives energy longer and the creme in the middle gives the quick burst, while the Boost gives me some extra protein! I'm lovin it! Peace!

Marshall said...

Great post, Dave. Love the pictures of your daughter. Such a cutie.

Rick Gaston said...

I still get chocolate all over myself, and my stuff. I was just re-reading some material and I noticed it had brown streaks - chocolate from the last time. Yup I talk about sugar a lot and it's evils cause I'm the number one transgressor in my group. Love that stuff. Should have seen my reward after another big weekend of running. Good times, nice pictures, great memories for you and the family.

Rick Gaston said...

Sugar is bad for your health and training. Save and ship remaining boxes asap to California.

Donald said...

I've always been a Thin Mints guy myself ...

Beautiful pics of you and your girl. Training is impossible with a family - you can never do all of the stuff you want to. Fortunately, the tradeoff is worth it, wouldn't you agree?

P.S. I'm gradually warming up to No Line, but don't think it ranks with Achtung quite yet. Stand Up Comedy is my favorite right now.

Missy said...

We used to have Dad/Daughter dances too all the way through High School. Everyone went, it wasn't dorky or uncool. Senior year, pops got a tux and limo. Try dancing next to the black gal and her father to Motown tunes - we had fun but looked like total jackasses!

I got to try this trail guys have wayyyy better food. BUT in TN WE have the Moonpie/RC Cola 10 miler. Might be able to talk a trail guy into the road for a moonpie and some RC??? OH and it's a festival that usually has the worlds largest moonpie - Bell Buckle, TN - believe it. The town is as big as you think Bell Buckle would be!