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Day at the Office
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Western States 100 miler Training - 2021

Ok, the title may be a bit presumptuous. I am referencing my two oldest kids, Luke (8) and Macy (6) taking to running the trail. The week before the Grasslands 50 mile race was the spring break for my rug rats. I took off of work on Thursday and Friday in order to spend some time with my posse. So on Thursday, the whole family go to Northshore Trail at Grapevine Lake to hike/run and to have a picnic lunch. Hope (2) attempted to keep up with the two older ones and Luke, much like his dad, has trouble just walking…and prefers to take off into a run. Macy, of course, tries to keep up with the older brother while mom and I lingered behind. We had a great time.

At one point there was a nice little hill with some rocks, tree trunks, brush, etc. I wanted to see how Luke handled the terrain. So I asked up to ascend up the hill and then come down as fast as he possible could. What a surprise and delight. He traversed up with ease….but I am most proud of his decent. Luke handled the rocks and the downhill with grace and speed bordering on the edge of barely being in control. I was a proud pappa. He was trilled and reran it a couple of times. Macy as well showed to handle the terrain although with a little more caution. This past weekend comprised of a camping trip with Macy, and I will post later…but she has the “Mountain Goat” gene as well.

Below are pics that could only make a trail running family proud.

The Decent


Marcy said...

So when are you all going to sign up for a 100 miler? ;-) Before too long and the kids will be kickin Dad's boo-tay! :P

Missy said...

Uh oh, little guy has the fever! Well wouldn't that be a treat race together?! Mmmm, do they have family divisions and such?

Rick Gaston said...

Nice. That's pretty darn cool Dave. You keep making these races look easy and they're gonna want to sign up as well. They'll also start to think that running trails at midnight is perfectly normal.

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

I love watching my kids run! Most kids are just naturals at it! Great job putting the seeds of interest in them! Peace!

Donald said...

Wonderful stuff. Here's hoping they catch the trail bug for life.

They might want to start that lottery process for States 2021 NOW. I hear it's going to be pretty tough to get slots for future years.

olga said...

These are awesome pictures! Kids look happy and natural. No matter what sport they pick, the important part is that they do, and that your involvement played role in it. For now have fun together!