Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rogue Race - The Loop 30K

Well, here we are on Thursday before the big Rogue Race – The Loop 30K. The above photo is me crossing the finish line of that little race. It was my first trail race last year and I freaking swore off running during the race. Then 30 minutes later thought that I could do better. Read last years report here.

Only 10 months after that brutal race, I finished my first 50 mile Ultra Marathon. Want to give a shout out to Rick Gaston who will be plowing through the San Diego 100 miler this weekend. Run on out there.


Missy said...

Who else you gonna send your trash to when Marcy retires...mmmm?;) That is crazy shiz!

Best of luck and have a great race. Sounds painful. Did I mention, looong?

Dusty said...

Good luck in the race!!

Rick Gaston said...

Go get em Dave! I'm sure you will have a faster and better time.

buprunner said...

Jeeez, depending on where you are, running that far could put you in a whole other state up here in CT!! You Texans love your space!!

Have a great race!!