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Day at the Office
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Change Is Hard!!!

I am a heel striker…that’s right , when I run, my heel strikes the ground first. Now for all you in the know, that is not the most efficient form of running. If you run a 5K…probably doesn’t make a big difference…Run 50 miles, you will probably notice the difference.

I always knew I was a heel striker. Just look at he bottom of my 18 pairs of running shoes. But when I ran with Mark the Naked Runner a couple of weeks ago, we talked about running form, the better efficiency of a mid foot striker compared to the woes of a heel striker, injury risk with running forms, etc.

I had heard much of this before, but thought it futile to change. So I call my running buddy and phenom, Patton Gleason. Patton runs the training programs for Luke’s Locker and knows a little sumptin sumptin about running. “Dave,” Patton begins, “Running form is like your signature. You can change it, but it takes effort and thought. Run barefoot on grass tonight…for only about 10 minutes. Run barefoot some every week for the next week. When you run barefoot, that is your natural gait.”

Well, I am in week 2…so last night I ran 5 miles in the 170 acre park next to our sub-division. I can tell the difference. Shorten strides, quicker tempo…no busted up heels. I’m barefoot with no shoes to compensate or to absorb the shock. Oddly enough, not as sore as I thought I would be but the toes got a little beat up. Believe this change is a bit more tolerable that the change voted for in November…but then I encroach into the political realm and will only do that if I open another blog for that purpose alone….and heck, I have a tough enough time to keep up with this I run on...with attempts to become a mid foot striker.


Missy said...

Yes! Barefoot running does help to make the change. It will feel weird for sure...just weird in all new muscles in your legs but it will be great. I totally deconstructed my run last year, faster, same effort;)

Rick Gaston said...

Good stuff. You do more of that barefoot running stuff and you may need a pair of these, you know just to protect your toes and the bottom of your soles.

Mark "The Naked Runner" said...

Hey, Dave,
I agree with Rick! I own several pairs of the Fivefingers and I love them! They really do save your feet when training barefoot. I am so glad that you are giving this a whirl! I really hope it makes a difference for you! Peace!

Brenda said...

Just be careful, I'm a mid-foot striker and on occasion the metatarsal area will flame up. Eeek!

Barefoot, huh? Hmmmm...have to try it!

Derek said...

Have you tried the Newtons. I own a pair and are big in the triathlon world. Big plus for working on and running with mid foot plant.

Dusty said...

You can totally change your form. My form is much better than when I ran in college. I often wonder how much of a difference it would make. For me, I now have stronger abs & arms which corrected a lot. The catch with correcting your form is, when you put on those old shoes that are worn in from the previous foot strikes. You may want to try some less worn shoes or break out a new pair. Good luck!

Here is hoping I'll one day correct my arm swing! You are right - it is a lot of work!