Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Maintain the D Train...and other stuff we are with no real training where does that leave me on posting....and furthermore do you really care? I don't know, but I do know that most of you peeps have been doing a better job than me I here is what I plan on about maintenance training...the kind of stuff that most endurance athletes neglect...or don't do very much...or don't let others know they are doing this stuff. Let's start from the top...of why...

I get done with Palo Duro 50 Mile Ultramarathon last October burned out...totally torched. Second I decided in December to run Bataan Marathon Heavy...with pack. Those two things caused me to review my training. After completing Palo Duro, I vowed to get myself in better "OVERALL" shape. In November I changed my training regiment up. I needed a change...running 6 days a week with an occasional spin thrown in through the summer months just whipped me into submission.

I began attending 5:00 A.M. boot camps twice a week, working overall body and core. I also attended a strength/flex group exercise class every Monday evening. Throw in speed work, long runs and maybe a spin class every once in a while and I began to drop weight 7 lbs to be exact...and more importantly body fat.

Why do I feel this is so important? Multiple Reasons: First, It breaks up my training regiment, keeps up my cardio (intensely I may add) and the Marine in me likes the hardcore approach. Second, a strong core is paramount in the long races...50 milers and further. Also, it helps with balance and being a trail runner that loves the technical stuff...well need some balance. Stronger body...less injuries...let's not forget that one either. Let me add as well that I also started watching my diet...maybe too much. My wife said that I began to live like a disciplined monk....watching carb to protein ratios....eating for the training...every two hours watching calories and what kind of's a sickness...I have lightened up a little...but after a bad day of eating...I try to get back.

Next post I will cover some core exercises...we will start with the following plank...ok...maybe not...;-)

A holding a plank for a minute and then into a push sucked...just sayin'


Brenda said...

what happened to good ol crunches. :)

Proud of ya Dave. Someone needs to pick up the slack.

Jeff said...

Wow! (I seem to say that a lot in comments on your blog) I do a medecine ball plank in my core routine - but it doesn't look like THAT!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

My son and I do planks twice a week. 60 - 90 - 60. THEY suck... but doing them on balls... well that would require me to have them in the first place for it to happen for this chic...LOL!

You are rocking along. A lower body fat will make a large difference in... well most everything.

I am down 4 lbs but still need to drop some body fat. STUPID BEER ;)

RunnerinLV said...

Ain't no way in heck you will ever see me doing those...I can't dribble a basketball to save my life, and you want me to balance on the damn things?

Missy said...

Yep, I'll be needed a lesson on THIS as soon as I'm done too. Got to get that core in shape for my next adventure...whatever that is.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Last season I stopped everything but S/B/R once the season hit, big mistake, this season I am keeping the strength and core going, so far, its making a good difference

DavidH said...

I love that photo. Awesome! :)