Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Tribe Has Spoken..,YOU'RE GONE!

The Tribe Has Spoken... we go again....another delinquent posting...but wife just got back from an Oprah Taping....a dream of her's and I have been busy...personally I would rather run a 100 miles....but that's another story.

Let's get up to speed. Last weekend was Pack 2008 Cub Scout Camp out. Yours truly is now the new Cub Master...the real difference between the Marine Corps and the Cub Scouts is that the Cub Scouts has adult leadership...our unit more resembles a Marine Corps unit in that aspect.

Everybody came back safely so I consider that a success....couple that with everyone having a good time and's good to be in Pack 2008. The camp out was held at Eisenhower Texas State Park....this is an absolutely great place about an hour drive from North Dallas.

During the Pack Campfire on Saturday of the adults pointed out that Ihad dressed like Jeff Provost, the host of Survivor....I looked down...hadn't realized it and started to chuckle. I closed out the campfire with that the tribe has spoken, one of you is GONE!!!...a mother not real hip on camping stood up and hollered, "OH IT's ME!!! YAY!!!!!" oh good times.

On the training front...maintaining...spin, boot camps, know...all the stuff. I really needed to recover since I had only taken 4 days off since Bataan...and a week later I had hammered out a quick 1/2 marathon distance trail I really didn't run this weekend...on purpose....although I think I probably ran about 6 to 8 miles getting stuff done on Saturday...and yes I run everywhere I go during a camp out.

This coming Sunday, I am meeting with Lynn Ballard to discuss the next challenge and by Monday should be ready to come clean with all that....oh good times...good times...then....maybe not so much with all the suffering...;-)


Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Recovery...??? What is that??

Even with all of the drug-cocktails they had me on this week I still talked about riding and running throughtout the day. LOL!!!

Bring on all of the details. WE ARE READY :)

RunnerinLV said...

Congrats on getting everyone back safely. That is usually the hard part; someone usually trips near the fire...