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Day at the Office
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kindle VS Nook…and Why I Chose the…

First let me begin that this post is strictly in reference to the Kindle and Nook EReaders….not the Apple IPAD. The IPAD is greatness…with all the things it can do. But I wanted strictly an EReader…you see when I sit down to read a book, I try to get away from the distractions of already feeling over connected…you know the email…the internet….the to do list. So…this post is why I chose why I chose…and the IPAD was not up for discussion…I wanted a device to get me away from distractions that the IPAD also provides…so there you go…and on to my decision.

Drum Roll please….and the winner is, at least for me,…the NOOK. (And here is why.)

For all practical purposes, the Nook and Kindle are very similar. They are nearly the same size, they nearly weigh the same, they both use EInk configurations instead of back lighting, you can get millions of different books for both of them…they both store tons of books…like 2Gig on the base model….and I will get to that in a moment…but there are some major differences in my opinion…and those were the game changers in helping me make the decision.

The Kindle is the “Amazon” Model…where you buy your Ebooks exclusively from Amazon…that’s right…they have their own exclusive format…and that’s it. Barnes and Noble have countered with the Nook…once again...using their own format for buying books from Barnes and Noble…but wait there’s more…the Nook also reads PDF formats and EPUB formats…the Kindle will read a PDF...but you have to send it in and pay for them to transfer to “The Kindle” format. Additionally EPUB has become the format used by public libraries and Library of Congress…the Kindle will not read EPUB…Nook will…and there lies the crux of my decision…format reading. My guess…Kindle will produce software that will allow it to read EPUB formats…or maybe not…who knows. If I were to bet on the long term future of this EBOOK stuff…EPUB will become a standard format…but who knows.

My Brother got a Kindle for Christmas…after much research he figured that this was the best decision for him. He is a pastor of a church and most of his reading is in the Christian Realm…and he thought that Amazon would offer more in this area. Last week, he was looking at buying a particular book from Amazon…but it wasn’t in Ebook format yet….after a quick search he found that he could buy the book form a Christian website…in EPUB format…oops…Kindle can’t read EPUB….and that made my decision…I know…it’s one occurrence…but I was already leaning with my gut feeling that being able to read EPUB format was a good thing.

The next big deal for me is capacity…the Nook has expandable memory…you can go up to holding like over 10000 books…the Kindle…well, you get what you get and you won’t have a fit…so when you max out at about 3000 books…well that’s it….like I am ever going to need that...

The best advice I had came from a Kindle owner….go to Best Buy and look at both and see how they feel…I prefer the Nook touch screen to the Kindle keypad…the Kindle’s battery last a few days longer before needing recharged…

So…there you are…Format…all came down to readable formats….Now you know…and Press ON!


itsagoodmorning said...

I've considered, but didn't even know where to start. Thanks for doing the research for me!

Jeff said...

I've used the Kindle App on my Droid2 Global, and I can definitely see where a larger screen would be nice, but I don't think I should buy either the Nook or the Kindle because it will make it way too easy to buy way more books than I will ever be able to read.

KK said...

I did a bit of research myself before deciding on the Nook for my folks for a Christmas present. And for the same reason as well, being able to use the library. I can only hope they'll enjoy it.