Day at the Office

Day at the Office
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Picnic

I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July. Things are going fairly well with the training. Last Saturday I ran a 26 mile run at Erwin park mountain bike trail and 10 miles on Sunday. After the run on Saturday, my family met me out at the park and we had a picnic. After the lunch, I took my three children for a short hike. How far can you go when you have a two year old who refuses assistance and face plants several times after tripping on tree roots? But it was fun and Luke (7) and Macy (5) wanted to go back sometime so we could spend more time on the trail. That sounds great!

So on Friday, July 4th, I ran 16 miles on the Erwin park trail and my family met me out there again. This time they brought pizza, which is always great after a long run. I ate and ate.
My wife Bren also went with us on the little hike to help watch our 2 year old Hope. That way Luke, Macy and I could go a little farther on the trail. Much like his Dad, Luke wanted to run it...and that he did. I hate to say this, but he is going to be faster than his Dad.

Post run hike

Luke, Run Like You Stole Something

Look, Even Bren is out in the woods

Luke and Macy

With all that being said, the last couple of weeks of training have had their share of issues. Hydration, for the first time in my life, has become a problem. Of course I have never put forth this kind of training either. The 4th of July weekend has been more of a time of rest and recovery. In two weeks I have the El Scorcho 50K (31 mile). I am really looking forward to this. It will be a great opportunity to hammer out this hydration thing.

On a different note. The Tahoe Rim Trail run is also in two weeks. My wife and I have a friend here in Plano that is running the 50K part. She is 56 years old and has great perseverance. My Ultramarathon friend, Rick is running the 100 miler in Tahoe. Keep these guys in your prayers.

I will close with this link that Rick sent me. It is a video depicting the Tahoe Rim Trail...very inspiring! Tahoe Rim Run

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