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Day at the Office
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bathroom Remodels and Ultra Running....

...have a lot in common. They both can take there toll on you both physically and emotionally. Allow me to explain. Three years ago when we bought this house, we realized that some redecoration and remodel would be in order. The current existing state upon purchasing looked like the decorating was completed by a color blind, number cruncher....but the floor plan was great. So before the ink dried on the contract, the painter had already completed painting 90% of the interior.

Well, this summer our shower in the master bath began leaking into Bren's master closet. (I have my own master closet as this was required for the newly purchased's cheaper than counseling.) We found out that this leaking has become a common theme with other homes in the neighborhood and that the tile in the shower would probably have to be replaced in order to solve the leaky shower issue.

At this point my wife commented that if your going to have to redo the shower tile, you might as well redo all the tile, and if you are going to redo all the tile, you might as well get new plumbing fixtures for both vanities, the tub, and the shower and if your going to do that you might as well......

So first, let's decide on tile. Let's look at the color, the texture, do you want travetine, ceramic....

Here is a semblance of a conversation between me and my wife:

Bren: "Which one do you like?"
Me: "I like this one."
Bren: "That is twice the price as this one."
Me: "Well, Ok go with that one then."
Bren: "But I do like the one you chose."
Me: "Go with what you want."
Bren: "What size tile for the floor?"
Me: " I like the 13"x13"
Bren: "Me too. Do you want it diagonal?"
Me: "No."
Bren: "What about the shower tile? I like the brick pattern."
Me: "Go with the brick pattern."
Bren: "Do you want to use mosaic for the shower floor?"
Me: "Yes."
Bren: I think I like the diagonal pattern for the shower."
Me: " You just said you like the brick pattern!"
Bren: "You need something a little different in the shower and they don't want have the 7"x3" tile size in the less expensive tile.
Me: "I thought you liked the expensive tile?"
Bren: "I don't want to spend the money when it doesn't look that different."
Me: "Fine."
Bren: "What if we had 2 different sized tiles for the floor in this pattern?"
Me: "I thought we were going 13"x13"?"
Bren: "I don't know, I can't make a decision."
Me: "I know!"
Bren: "What about the plumbing fixtures?"

And the above conversation is rehashed about plumbing fixtures. Do you want brushed nickle, antiqued finish, what style.

Part of the budget for the bathroom remodel includes marriage counseling. Just Joking,....kinda.

Now you see how it takes it toll on you...Think I will go for a 5 hour run this weekend to clear the head....and contemplate Tile hues....oh, and whether the brick pattern in the shower will really look that good...I don't care...I mean, I don't know.


Rick Gaston said...

Nice Dave, you make marriage sound so appealing:) All joking aside, yeah that's a good plan. Leave it be for awhile and just think about it. I have clients all the time who can't decide one way or another on the artwork that's presented so we leave them the mockups and let them sit with it for a few days.

Marcy said...

Here is the key . . . don't ask us any questions or make any suggestions. Just let us do what we want to do LMAO!

Russ, Bren and Lance said...

MagicMan - what a trip! You know we're rennovating our kitchen and I actually tried to be nice to Russ by not asking him any questions. In fact I just showed up with all the colors, hardware and lighting all picked out, paid for and needing him to install. STILL ends up in heartache. So bad in fact he had to go hunting for four days. Now....if only I can justify a trip to Rome the same way....LOL!

Dave said...

Rick: Marriage is one of the best things I've done. The conversation posted makes Bren and I laugh. Last night she was asking questions about fixtures...I just said whatever dear. (refer to Marcy's comment.)

Marcy: I KNOW!

BrendaC: Your Rome Trip Budget is in the Kitchen...maybe even yet to be installed:)