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Day at the Office
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Texas Rodeo and the Calf Scramble

Bull Riding at the Rodeo

On Friday evening my seven year old son, Luke, and I went to the Mesquite rodeo Here. It was an event that was planned with our Y-Guide Group. (An organization through the YMCA. It used to be call Indian Guides before political correctness put the Kabash to it.) Anyway, our group has about 25 boys and their dads and we always have a great time. So off to the rodeo. About half way through the 2 hour event, there is something for the kids called the calf scramble. What it that you ask?

Allow me to explain. All the kids, about 250 of 'em, come down out of the stands and on to the rodeo grounds. They stand on one of end of the arena. They then let loose a calf on the other end of the arena. The object is then for the kids to run as fast as they can, to catch up to the calf and to pull a ribbon off of the bovine's tail. (By me just describing this event, and last week it was moon pies, my neck is turning a hue of rouge. Wait...hang on.....I still don't like NASCAR. Good, I'm not a full blown redneck...but I digress.)

Anyway, they blow the whistle and release the calf and an all out sprint and mayhem exist. I see a sandy hair boy wearing a t-shirt, shorts, ankle socks and New Balance Running shoes take off like a rocket. He is in front of everybody and he looks just like Luke...It is Luke. He is the first one to the calf and now others are begin catching up. I didn't catch exactly what happen, but the the next thing I see is Luke running as fast as he can around the arena holding up a red ribbon. He won the thing. When I asked him what he was doing running around the arena, his answer was, " I was taking a victory lap." He cracks me up. Big fun I tell you.

Luke this summer catching frogs...he and catch anything
On to Saturday morning and a 5 hour trail run. The weather is turning cooler and I am loving it. With about 15 minutes left to wrap up the run, a tree root reaches up and grabs my ankle. I hit hard. My ribs are now sore and it hurts to breath and laugh. Two events I like to participate in. doesn't hurt enough to keep me from training.

There you have it. A big weekend in Dallas Texas.


Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! You crack me up! You're def safe from Red Neckness if you don't like NASCAR ;-) But I STILL don't think Moon Pies are redneck.

Sounds like a killer weekend!

Russ, Bren and Lance said...

Victory Lap - That's fantastic!!! LOL!!

Be careful out there! The racing Gods keeps throwing obstacles in the way don't they? Still no word on my foot. The insurance wouldn't authorize an MRI so I have no idea if I have a stress fracture or not. Plan to go for a little test run tomorrow. Somehow I thinking it's metatarsalgia not a fracture.

Rick Gaston said...

Dave your kid is going to outrun you one day, hahaha. Well you already know that, until then though he would be a perfect crew/pacer at your long events if he is so inclined. Good to know the ribs are just bruised and not hurt. No need to test to see if you have the "right stuff" this close to your event.

Dave said...

Marcy - if you only heard my would crack up...

RBL - Take care of yourself and smoke the Whiterock marathon...

Rick - yeah, Luke is going to be Rick G. Fast:)