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Day at the Office
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Monday, September 15, 2008


I love moon pies. Always have. I know, I's kind of redneck to like'em but I still like'em. In case you don't come from a privileged background and have never had a moon pie, I feel for you. If you don't know what they are, I shake my head with sorrow and disbelief.

They can best be describe as a sweet sugar delight that contains two crusty cookie like materials that sandwiches a marshmallow like material coated with a dried icing like material. The icing like material comes in different flavors like, chocolate, vanilla, etc. My favorite of course is vanilla.
Since I have regained my avid running bug, I have watched what I have been eating. Therefore, I honestly cannot remember when the last time I had a Vanilla moon pie. Today that streak was broken.

When I looked at the calorie content I was shocked to find this culinary delight to have 300 calories. My Subway sandwich I had at lunch barely had 300 calories. Then I realized, 300 calories is nearly the amount of calories per hour you are trying to replenish the body during either a really long run or an ultra marathon. This may be the perfect ultra marathon food. Small, easy to carry, cheap, and of course 300 calories. I will tell you this weekend. I may now start referring to long runs as to how many moon pies consumed. My friend: "How far did you run Saturday morning?" Me: "I don't know, but it was a 6 moon pie run!"

Now we're talking.


Rick Gaston said...

Well since you read Dean's book, remember all that crap that guy eats? He just downs calories. Frankly a Moon Pie does sound good on a long run, my only worry is that it's full of the really fast burning sugar, you know the kind that sends you up too fast and sets you up for a quick crash. But I guess you'll know once you start experimenting with them. I use to pack Cornuts on my long runs, it helped counter the sugary taste of gels. Once I discovered salt tablets though I've lost the craving. By the way yesterday I broke down and bought a slice of chocolate cake. The Niners actually won a game so it was a good time to celebrate, that and two days of hard running.

Marcy said...

I never thought of Moon Pies as being redneck LMAO! . . . does that mean I'm a redneck also?!? In all honesty though, I think they're gross (don't hate me ;-) ) and I'm FAR from being a good eater. I love me some junk food LOL

John Shapiro said...

Moon Pies....That is just WRONG! But when you are burning that fuel, I guess I can understand.

Great post!

Russ, Bren and Lance said...


Moon pies....hmmmm...will have to try on next run.

Dave said...

Rick: Yeah, I couldn't eat straight moon pies for 6 hours of running...get sick thinking about it...but it made for a good blog.

Marcy: Moon pies and ultra crossing the Dukes of Hazzard with Running

John: Of course it's Wrong....Kinda like running at 2:00AM! :)

RBL: Glad you liked the blog entry...wait till a I talk about House remodeling :)

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

You need to run the "Moon Pie"

small world, I use to live in Texasn and have run at the Grasslands 25 miler once.